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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Butterflies ~ ~ ~

I counted... i got abt 8 butterflies at home!

hahah... if not bcos of mai -who wanted me to show her my hairpc collection, i thk i may have fogotten abt these butterflies...

I only got pic of 3 of them, shal take pic of the other 5 when i free k..hehehe.

thk i better maintain an online catalog :D

Klang performance ~ 31 Dec 2005

Sorry lor.. i know i shdnt be blogging abt this event which took place abt 6 mths ago.

But i found some pcitures on this so thot of sharing lor.... hahhaha - AC very cute right?!!


Two weeks ago, mai put up some pics of czx - its her recent xu xian in mdm white snake lor :p

That reminded me of some snakie pics that mai, mei and me took last year...

Share with u all ... else some people "yawn" and some complain no pictures lor....

hahahah ~

(sneak preview... will be sharing some of hairpcs in the next update.. AC, frannixs, PK.. u bear with me for a while lor... hor...hehe ...)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reminder ~

Hey hey...

Today i received a few "reminders" , reminding me to update my blog regularly :p

But i so lazy leh....

May be today monday blue lor... tomorrow k... tomorrow i plan go watch street show... i shall bring my camera... hope can take some nice pictures show u all lor ..kkekee

Back to my korea show liao....... ta ta :D

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy !

hehe.... i am happy 2d.. so many happy events lately :)

- i like the blog design.. wmy - thanks once again lor :>
- i finally published my 1st blog entry - though i dun know what is wrong with the comments option..
- soon i wil get to see more of czx shows
- my friend is going to send me some new hairpeices
- i watched a few nice korea shows lately

opps.. got to go bath now..

So long didnt go dancing class liao.. wonder later i will "die" of stretching" or not. Mai and wmy has progressed very far liao.. dun thk i can catch up with them.. but i am just gona go there for fun lor.

Welcome to my Little World!

Hehehe.... After months and months of nagging from mai dearie, bbq and many..... i finally started my 1st blog entry :D

Must thank wmy lor - she created this blog for me - think she must have given up on my procastination ~ hahahah ~

Yeah yeah, now on i can start sharing my thots with you all from my own blog - rather than flooding mai's , mk's blog, mr yap's, md's and frannxis's with my lengthy comments!

... Free please patronize my blog hor.... ...

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