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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hong Kong 5 - 16 Aug 08

Just confirmed today that i need to go HK fr 5 - 16 Aug 08 for UAT.....

Hope got time to do shopping - last trip was quite fruitful - bought many clothes, bags and accessories -)

Dont mizz me during this period lor!

Monday, July 21, 2008

New York!

Yep - i shoud be going to New York in Sept!

My hubb is going there for biz seminar - so most likely i would be tagging along - for 2 weeks -)

Actually there is a show on 20 Sep ~ kh staging Miles at Chong Pang CC and i am supposed to act the match maker.

But Xz said she is Ok to let me go so long as i can find replacement. So i quickly pestered ah huay for days and she finally confirmed that can help with the match maker role on 20 Sep - Phew !

I am happy that ah huay can help act this role - cos she has acted this role for 3-4 times liao so she only needs to recap and she will be Ok liao!

I have practised this role for 2-3 times so far. Intend to hands off the practices for this role in the coming 2 mths . I shall work on it after 20 Sep - cos there is another Miles on 20 Dec- and that would be done by me ~ hee hee!

Back to New York - guess what?

Air fare (SQ) alone is $2650!

Actually i am veyr "reluctant" to pay cos $2650 can buy 2 LV bags, or 3 gucci bags!

But now think think - shd company hubb la - anyway he said he is paying for my airfare and accommodation so Oki lor.....

If only he also sponsor my shopping ~ hahah...

Oh ya.. may be i shd ask my bosses - see if they have any thing i can help do in new york office - so that i can save on the airfare + leave?


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Suntec - 17 July 08

We did 2 dances + 1 opera excerpt at the suntec city yday - part of the events under Heriatge Fest 2008.

As its a weekday again , only a handful were involved:

1) Butterfly lover dance - Hong and Rentong

2) Da Jin Zhi - Hong , Sh and me

3) Mongolian Dance - Rentong

Helpers: xz, ah huay, lpj

AC and wife were there too.

I took half day offyday - "expensive" off just for the maid role...haha

When i reached abt 3pm, sh has already laid foundation on her face.

Rentong did her own make up- while our princess linda 's make up was done by hong - hong finished SH de make up in 0.5 hr ~ superb speed!

As usual - i was last to complete - ehhmm - cos i came last mah.. plus help sh did her hair... Haha - talking abt hair - sh was really cute - when hong and xz stared at all the hairpcs that she has laid on her table - they immediately gave her that look and asked if she really intend to put all of them on her hair - and guess what? Our princess replied sweetly "Of course lah, i want to be the most SONG de princess, otherwise i would be too far off from my Ou Xiang you know!"

Hahah... i like the way she said that !

I also like to be super SONG - but my temper doesnt allow me from sai nai to leader and hong in this manner lor. I wish i can handle people in this manner - very useful in corporate world -) Now then i know why our princess is in customer services - it take some quality to be one!

Oppss... side track too much... back to show... See some pics 1st lah!

~ kee... thats all for now ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Temple show- 16 Jul 08

Today we had our "annual" show at the dou tian temple.

Its "annual" cos we only perform once a year at si dou tian zhun's birthday: 14 of lunar june.

We have acted in the temple for 5 years already.. i think.

This year, tian zhun's bday happens to be on weekday - and hence only a handful were involved:

Emperor - lpj

Empress: jm

Official: Yue ai

Enuch: xu wen

Fairly/ maid: xj

Xu wen was supposed to be a official also. but he last min changed himself to Enuch as he felt that its funny for Official to summon dancers etc...

Well - actually bo bian leh - cos today is weekday.. so we only had 1 person each for offical, Enuch, palace maid and fairy.. haha... quite qi liang !

Workers for today: Xz, huay, tiam, zz, ly, cy

See some pictures lah.

Our loving emperor and empress:

Today all of we use the new make up.. except lpj who stil have some blue on her eyes. I think Jm did a nice job to her face today. Actually, jm got very nice features.

The lady-like official ~

I think yue ai quite suit this type of make up too.

Our Offical-turn-Enuch:

forgot to ask xw: why need to draw the white nose ah?

YA nad Xw are very fast handed- they came abt 4pm but all done at 530pm. I started 3pm. But last to complete... actually its bcos i helped Jm do hair today mah... haha, jm said she like the way i do her hair cos very secured and i add studs, side accessories etc... Of cos mah - i am hair STYRist u know..

Me as song zi fairy and palace maid.

I told jm and YA that this is the 1st time i used my this set of hairpc... while Jm and Dc etc dot know use how many times liao =p

xz said she find me prettier in this make up-but i stil think my eyes are badly drawn - hiaz. nevermind, tml practise again.

Group pictures while waiting for our turns to act:

Must mention: the bee hoon is very nice! I told jm i feel like eating chey bee hoon .. and i got to eat it... heee..

Post show..

Only Mr Yap will let me take these type of pictures - hee...

... thats all for 2d la.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

TPCC - 13 July 08

Yday was a super early day for many of us.

Cos we had a show at TPCC yday and xz asked us to reach kh/tpcc early to fix the props etc.

Hong, huay, yn, yue ai, wmy , hui mei and tiam went to kh at abt 10am to transport the items ; while me and sh were asked to be at tpcc at 11am to receive the items.

I met sh at 1030am to take breakfast. I took sausage muffin and harsh brown! Happy cos i long time didnt eat these liao... Crazy sh bought all her hair accesories to tpcc. She said those are for her coming shows. Well, i think those are enough to tie her thru 2nd half of the year + next year even lor! She is now the top hair accessories dan in kh lor - hee.


By the time we put down all the props and stuff - guess wat? It was lunch time - and i was asked to go buy lunch for every one! Thanks to ah huay etc lor - said i never buy makan for kh people.. anyway i dont mind - cos i can take the opport to walk walk - look see look see.....

Anyway, my "ren yan" was good - ah mei and yue ai both said offered to go with me, so 3 of us went for a mini shopping trip at 201 market!

We came back 1 hour later with :

- 12 eye shadows colors for our recently acquired new make up

- white stocking for dancing * 3

- white leggings and tights * 3

- ready made eye lid sticker * 4

- vege bee hoon * 6

- rice * 2

- cooling tea *5

- drinks * 6


But guess wat?

........ I forgot to take chop sticks for the bee hoon - so all of us had to eat with our bare hands!!!!!!
U shd see the way ah ai eat - very pro! Ah huay ki xiao - she took out the propos from soya and used it to eat! hahha. As usual, our pretty linda refused to be in the pic cos her make up was 10% done only. Anyway, we had big laughs at the makan table -)

Hong, sh and ya were asked to take pics for their coming shows : Hong and sh in rain; while hong and yue ai in milles.

I can only post pic of hong.
Sh de make up was drawn by me - but i did a bad job so i cant put her pics else she will scold me.
I didnt managed to take ya - sh, u will post some later ah?

Thats for the afternoon - a lazy one - some of us did mask - some listen to gzx - some chatting away..

Show proper - we acted 3 shows yday - 8 immortals, Lu dong bin , and soya.

I was rushing thru 8 immortals as clouds adn sea so i didnt have chance to take pics of this show... think sh will post a lot later....

Ludong bin:

Me and hong.

Look at my make up - so ugky yday - eyes so red - so many mistakes! shit! But i am showing cos i want to show u all my nice cst again!

(Side track -i stil got a few cst not yet wear leh - waiting for chances - these are 2 of them which i hope can be worn in near future......)

Ok, Back to show...

No tong er - cos wmy has gone to act soya. Wmy and huay were the most ever "red" persons in kh yday - rushing thru all the 3 shows - we never had people so "red" before - not even hong - haha!

They got to "thank" mx for it - cos mx was down with bad cough and had lost her voice - hence dreams was replaced with 8xain - and wmy had to take over mx's soya boy.

Soya : no soya pics cos i was at back stage...wait for sh to post k..



packing up.

How come sweet kaley look so blur?

After the show, karen, sh, xw and me went to take some fries at the mac + discuss a bit on the show.

Suggestions from xw:

8 immortals -

jm and hm to change costumes - cos not glam enough. xw felt that the pink cst i wore for bai mudan suit he xian gu more. i agree. but jm cant fit in .. not i dot lend lor. i got bring for her to try de.

Ludong bin

xw felt that i too "teh" already. Yeah - i watched the recording yday - indeed! Next round must be more shou jian else look very "chao ah lian". Nov - think i acting this show again in Oct.

... thats all for now......

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No more Blue Blue ....

I was seaching for some pics just now - and saw some of my previous opera pics.

These are the shows that i would be re-acting in 2nd half of the year : Rain, cupboard, Lu Dong Bin. Happy to re act these.
But hor, no more blue eye shadow leh.
I am a great fan of blue eye shadow : mx know, ac also know.
Infact, when leader asked us to try the china yue ju make-up, AC immediately "xin zai le huo" and teased me "no more blue blue" - haha
Blue is nice mah. Blue is nice right?

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