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Friday, December 26, 2008

There goes my year end leave.....

I was supposed to be on leave on 23rd, 24th and tml...

But was asked to cancel leave to help on an urgent report...

Eh......Not very healthy right?

But looks like Bo bian - cos the work is urgent and my boss asked me to assist.

But I am not alone - heard Sharon also canceling her leave on 24th and 26th...

Well @@@@@ ....

Nevermind, i shall save this 2.5 days plus 5 hrs time off (24th) some other time.

Too bad cant take during chinese new year as one of my staff is going back to her home town and i have to be around.

New year~ New year is coming!

Have u set your new year resolution? Or do people still do such a thing?

Hahahha ~ may be not?!

If yes, share with me your top 5 resolutions lah!

Friday, December 19, 2008

KH 50th Anniversary (14 Dec 2008)

KH celebrated its 50th anniversary at Qian Xi Restaurant (Payer Lenar) last Sunday.

We hosted a total of 85 tables and invited Dr Teo Ho Bin as our Guest of Honour.

KH Opera and Dance groups presented a modern opera excerpt : Blessings from the 8 immortals:

Script by : Xiao Shan

Direction : Xiu Zhen

Music : Zi Liang + Mr Yap

Mc : Karen

Lu Dong Bin : Hong
He Xian Gu : Jin Mei
Han Xiang Zi: Mx
Zhang Guo lao : De Cheng
Lan Cai He : SH
Tei Kuai Li : LPJ
Han Zhong Li : ZQ
Cao Guo Jiu : YA

Helpers: yn, huay, me etc...

I guess SH will blog on the 8 xian pictures next week.

Meantime, I shall just show some pics at the dinner tables!

(some of the above pics are from SH - hee.. thanks! )

Merry Christmas! And ......

Went dinner with my cashiers team at Novena just now. Mr Tay, Mrs Tan and Ng were there too - a nice catch up =)

Wanted to foot the bill cos this is the 1st time i meet the cashier team. - but Agnes insisted to pay...

Passed by Novena Church - So crowd! And vivocity was so packed with shoppers!

Christmas is just around the corner!

But how come i dot seem to feel the mood ah? Havnt buy any present too...

So many people taking short holiday.. but many in my dept are working v hard as well.

PG, Eve, Maggie worked til 2am yday - Chee Hwee and Ray stayed til almost 4am.
Thumbs up to them. I went off earlier at 11plus..

There is no D&D this year. But heard depts wil get some budget from HR to organise a its own year end event. Guess Finance would have to wait til Jan- when SI pack is completed and stat to gaap done...

Sleepy...Going sleep soon... tml morn going office for a while - then go cc help out.
I am the stage manager -)

We acting miles - pls come and support if you are free k!

Venue : Zheng Hua CC
Time: 730pm
Lead cast : Hong, Yue Ai

What to look out:
Cute bandits Mai, Mr Yap, linda, yani and BBQ

What you will miss:
Haha - me la, cos i not acting. Ah Huay acting back the match maker role - i acted the last round cos she didnt have costume. Now we have made one just for her size. she really suit this role - very cute! I am doing her hair for her la.

Merry Christmas ~

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