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Saturday, September 20, 2008

芗剧:千里送京娘 (20 Sept 2008)

Please come and support if u free oh......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lantern meet up...

After the lantern performances, karen and me went to meet ah bao, abi etc at Party World.

Sh cant go cos her daddy bday; mx headache; wmy not yet recovered from backpain and yn tired.

My purpose is to meet up old friends plus drink - long time no drink liao ~

See some pics la!

Our dear karen - stil with her opera makeup!

Karen and me decided to pose "xi nu ai le" - then i realised i look so ugly next to her opera make up - so cute karen said she covered her eyes ~ haha.

Cheers to the lantern fest~

Hairpcs for Sale


For those who are keen to buy hairpieces - Si Hui has some for sale at very reasonable prices!


Part 2

At Taman Jurong Pretty Chang er

mx and dancers

Rabbit mummy and boy

Gp pics

Mx said her village folks are poorer.. Haha cos Ya hong and me want to wear costumes that we never wear before. I like this type of costume leh. Dot u think its nice?

As usual lor - our fav is to pose super ugly pics!
Back at Kh ~

Lantern Festival performances ~ 13 Sep 08 (part1)

Yday was quite a big event for us!

Not bcos we staged a grand full length show - but bcos we went to 3 places to act - all in a day ~




Casts: karen and sh




Hong, xj, yue ai, xz, huay + dancers + mx and yn as passerbys


Taman Jurong


Mx, yn, jm, wmy, huay + dancers + hong xj ya as passerbys

730pm and 9pm is the same show - just that the show was acted by 2 groups

I reached kh abt 1pm - late again... haiz... cos i worked late on Fri mah. Lucky leader was in OK mood so i didnt get scolding.

Sh reached shortly after me and guess wat? Her make up was all-done! She did her make up at home -)

As usual - i was one of the last ones to complete my make up and hair... something wrong right? The make up has already been simplied and my hair was also simple - and yet i was stil the last few ones. I thk i was busy kaypoing around....

k k ...... see some pictures lah!

On the bus....
My son - xz.
Actually xz quite long didnt act le. She is really very suitable for this type of cute role or xiao hua dan role - very lively!

Our 2 pretty Chang Er!

I look so simple next to the 2 glam fairies

With Karen and sh

Haha... Do i look like maid?

Two couples : sh dragon lady n scholar karen; yn rabbit and scholar mx

Rabbit A and son

Rabbit B with hubby and son

Gp pic - didnt managed to get mx, yn, xz and wmy - mx and yn were practising the turning circles de action; xz mingling with audience - while wmy helped took this pic.

Side track - see what our scholar has on her nails!

Advertising for MAC? Look at mx and yn behind...

Why so gloomy?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Saw some updates from mx, bbq and yn abt their assignments and busy schedules.

Msg AC and he also said bz - bz with school work.

Msg YH- busy with bro's accounts and work.

Msg BX - busy reporting to temple.

Office colleagues also complained very busy.

Latest heard is Sharon worked til 7am last week. And Sandra said she has been coming to office every sat and sun for weeks liao.

Looks like everyone is busy.

I am no exception... Work takes up my Mon-Fri- and Opera takes up 1.5 days of my weekend.

Not much time for myself and my family.

Wanted to treat myself to regular facial, massages, sliming, foot reflex but cant sustain due to heavy workload.

Thats still fine - cos those are for myself.

I am more guilty towards my family - havnt seen my parents for weeks. And i cant go NY with my hubb cos it crashes with my reporting deadlines. I cant recall when was the last time i watch movie with my hubby- and when was the last time i watched opera at home with my parents....

Lately i started to feel very stressed up - i seem to be deficiting in most areas:

- lots of backlogs at work - procastinating tasks which i dont like to do even though many of them can be cleared fast

- poor corporate image - lazy to make up and lazy to dress professionally

- cant sing - after 8 years stil cant sing properly

- family bonds - lack heavily

- social and friends - long time didnt meet up with people outside work and kh

- financial - no savings - how to survive when old?

- health - havnt been feeling too well lately - "tired ", "sleppy" and "xian" are words i use everday!

Mad right?

How can a person be so lacking in all areas?

May be its really due to my poor time management + silly habit + poor discipline.

And my poor ability to say no when comes to unreasonable requests from friends and colleagues.

I think i should put my family and myself 1st from now.

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