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Saturday, August 25, 2007

TW hua dans

Just watched the various talk show clips in MD de blog....

Very funny lor.. I like the way they talk -i like their hokkien....

After watching the clips... it seems that Diying is the most "Hong" tw hua dans among them....

hmmm......... How do you all rank the various tw hua dans?

Hee.. free give me your ranking leh....

1) xu xiu nian

2) qing rong

3) si ma yu jiao

4) xu xian ji

5) diying

6) lim mei zhao

7) lian ming yue

8) shi hui jun

Rank them in terms of

1) outlook

2) acting

3) singing


Sunday, August 12, 2007

21st Birthday Celebration - 11 Aug 2007 (Part 2)

Still posing pcitures.......

Pretty linda and sweet kaley demo-ing the very nice and popular "po-biang" from JM - dearest JM always fed us with lots of nice food =)

Opss.. how come our sweet kaley look so "buay gum guan" ah? Hor... aiyo, this wmy lar - celebration also hook kaley go through 5D parts with her... no wonder kaley de face so black lor! (haha. joke only lar)

This is our special guest - piana aka BBQ. Can u sense her star presence? Sure lor.. her hubby is non other than the famous ah-chun chun lor - haha! JM only remember BBQ by "Chun Sao" lor! Asked her why Ah Chun didnt company her to KH - she said Ah Chun now busy filming lor... U shd see the way she answer lor - very super natural de lor.~!

All of them posing cool with Karen de sunglasses!

I think all of are happy when come to posing food... except this.........

OMG !!!!! How can they do that to BBQ de contributions ah?

Hor... Cos its durian puff!!!!

The whole kh know that WMY cant stand durians. Yday ZN even chased after wmy wanting to force some durian puff down her throat.. we had some good laugh over it... cos its like eagle catching chick lor.

Its understood that all of us wil bring our kh babies whenever we have makan sessions lor. Here is ah zai, mei mei, yaya and little strawberry. Strawberry is our new comer for yday - its bbq de baby.

Saw the sad faces on zai zai, mei mei and yaya de faces ma? cos bobo didnt come yday lor. Next time must come lor.

21st Birthday Celebration - 11 Aug 07 (Part 1)

Opps .. just rec'd a reminder from Linda that everyone has blogged abt the event but i still havnt.....

Aiyo... . Busy mah...

Here u go lar !....

1) Before the makan ..........

Yes, thats Karen and me vacuming the floor using the super-efficient rainbow cleaner. This Kaley very superb lor - she can actually vacum with her sunglasses on! Hahaa.... Can see the dirt meh???

Not sure if i heard correctly, I think top made comments.... something like "dot just pose pose, action action, shd come every day/week to vacum..." Mad or what, i dot think she herself help xz vacum everyday lor.

Thats wmy - carrying mineral water i think. Wow lieu.. Carry things also must pose until so stylo ?!

Thats top and Zi Liang, our music teacher. Top was supposed to have her singing lesson at 6pm. But she was unable to proceed cos our vacum cleaner was too noisy....(too bad lor).

Lately ZL has been very busy "A-ying" for us to sing. I forgot to take picture of the singing session.. All fully booked de. I very kind lor. I "chop" a slot for karen and mx next week...hee

Talking abt singing - our pretty linda and little sunshine very "buay zi dong" yday night lor. After the makan session, they still hook to zi liang to practise their songs. Whole world waiting for them to go drink tea lor. Plus Zi Ling has been "A-Ying" since 2pm lor...

Linda, wmy, karen and sunshine were in charge of otah, hotdog and satay. Haha...they scare people dot know that they are 1-team de lor - so they planned their attire in advance - black and white!

See the " hao lian" face on wmy de face ma? Cos she fried those hotdog with the help from her Mummy lor!

Here's the 4th member of yday's gangster team! Being a new member, can see that she has less "Mo Qi" with them lor. Cos Karen, wmy and linda all worn black top with white bottom - only she wear the opposite way lor... Nevermind - add oil!

Thats us - posing and playing a fool before the official kick-off of the makan session. Mx, ML and Sunshine came later so we didnt really take pictures with them lor.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gathering - 10 Aug 2007

YP msg some days ago - asked whether want to meet up or not.

After some discussion, we finally agreed on today. Supposed to have ab, hl etc but they cant make it. So only YP, YH, WMY and ME.

We went to Fish and Co for dinner.. then to Kbox to sing....

Hee Hee.. See the ballon toys on our hands? Very cute right?!!!

Courtesy of Fish and Co lor.... Mine is pinkish pig; Wmy's yellow monkey and YH's blue puppy

YH said hers look more like rat.. Haha.... may be lor... But we like the pink heart leh- think the heart is very nice!

Wmy's monkey took the longest to make. Cos its a combo of tree, banana and monkey. Yes, this is my ah zai zai's new toy lor!

My pinkish pig is for my little piglet of course. But its so many many times her size leh.. haha... I think she can sit on this ballonish toy...

Our singer for the night is YP lor. She is really crazy abt SHE.. and has gotten more and more 38(oppss)... Just like me.. hehee

While walking towards Paradise centre, we saw some people cyclying.. That reminded us of the a stage where 4 of us cycle over night at East Coast .... on every Wed night....

Woww...... Missed those days man. We said we shall go night cyclying again when WMY finished her project. Yes, YH - i will try to block out my time lar....

Look forward ......

Monday, August 06, 2007

Fish & Co - 3rd Aug 2007

I met Karen, wmy and sh for dinner last Fri.

As usual, i was the latest....haha.....cos i had another event.. so i could only join abt 9 plus...

Thought they will eat slow slow wait for me - who knows they ate unitl like that!

See lor - no more fish!

Dot care lor - got to re order my share......

Its a treat from SH - for helping her at her P&G Dinner & Dance =)

Oppss! Same waiter as the HK cafe de!

You must be wondering where is SH right?

She refused to take picture - cos never make up - mad girl lor.

P&G Dinner & Dance - HK Cafe - 28 July 2007

Opss.. Sorry sorry - still on this event - cos i got some makan pictures wana share.... bear with me ok....

..... Oh yes, Karen, wmy and me left SH boss de house at abt 8pm.

At first i was thinking of giving KH a miss - but was afraid that people may have things to say..

So i decided to rush to KH.

Karen and wmy were not scheduled for that day - but they decided to pop by KH too.

We reached abt 9pm via taxi. I went up 1st as i had scenes; while Karen and wmy went to buy dinner.

After the practices, we decided to go for a coffee/tea at the new Xin Wang HK Cafe at Koven while waiting for SH to see if she needs help to unpack the costumes etc

(SH - see we so kind.. hahah, touched ma? )

This was the 1st time 3 of us ate at the HK Cafe - and we must say that the food is cheap and nice lor - not only that - the "waiter" was extremely helpful !

Picture of waiter....

Opss!!! Wmy!!! We told wmy that she is not professional lor - cos she never hang a "good morning" towel on her neck.. haha

Karen was very pleased with this place that she even arranged the table items nicely for me to take picture..

As if we were taking shoots for Dine and Wine.. Haha.....

Actually all of us were waiting "impatiently" for SH to call...... Esp wmy - see her face!!

Poor us.......

Sunday, August 05, 2007

P&G Dinner & Dance - 28 July 2007 (Part 3)

Pay say.. stil on the same subject.......

Yes!! Sh de team won 2nd in the night's performance!! Tell you - they are really not bad!!!

In fact we think that they are better than the the winning team - but dot know why only got 2nd.

Haha...., After watching their show, karen, wmy and me all concluded that SH can be very Ye Tai - haha......

SH's solo on stage...

SH and me like the Kids best - cos they are very natural in the movements!


After this event, Karen said we can now make up at 530pm rather than at 1pm...... I think we are very proud of our "accomplishments"!

I think we (esp me) like to take our own sweet time to do our hair and make up. If time is critical, i think actually many of us can do our make up and hair quite fast de.......

It has been 1 week after the event - but SH is stil very excited.

Indeed lor! Cos it was really fun! It was a nice experience helping Sh on this... MUst thank Sh for giving us the chance to play with this.. I think SH enjoyed the event lots - can she that she has LOTs and LOTs of fun!!!

(ehemmmm ... of cos enjoy lor - grand entrance ... grand finale for SH ... walking from aisle to stage .. like mega star !! .. Heee )

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