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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Taiwan pictures (1)

Wanted to share some TW pictures but blogger cant upload pics in the past 2 days lor...

nice ......


Teacher Ke said wmy is talented in this area....

Guess why wmy so happy? Cos that costume was worn by YE QIN !!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Name Cards!

Heheee..... Share with u all our latest name cards !

Nice right?

Karen, Mai and me specially made these for our tw mission - cos we are the appointed PR gals!

Noticed the rows of stars on our name cards?

Kekeee... We like these name cards a lot ! Thanks to Sweet Karen for this cute design and special name card size!

I have updated my BLOG !!!!

1) juanjuanjuan: 皮氏下台! Hee....

2) amai: again...no new blog....sianz...I am waiting ..I am waiting...I am waiting....

3) amai: imagine eating the same "fish more more"...wont get sick meh? Same theory lah. hehe

4) amai: me too...sick of seeing that purple lady pretending to cry.........Zzzzzzzzzz

5)Juanjuanjuan: Eh, I'm sick of seeing that purple-costumed-lady pretending to cry already leh.... can post something new?! HEe...

oooooooooooooooo ------ooooooooooooooooooooooo ------ooooooooooooooooo ---oooooooooo

Hahah, I received quite a few msgs and sms asking me to update my blog!

People are sick of my purple lady...... chey... how can like that la :(

But ok la... i admit i too lazy liao.. my last entry was 19 Aug, more than 1 mth ago!

So 2d i shall talk abt what i have been doing in the past 1 week since i came back from tw.

Chang Chang Chang (copy right frannxis)....

Yes!! I was busying watching korea shows la! I bought all these before i went taiwan.. heheh, finally can enjoy the shows now.

But got to speed up the watching a bit - cos kh time table is out.... lucky this round, my roles are reasonable - not too excessive :)

Will be sharing some tw performance pictures (sorry i know i a bit late lor), hairpieces etc soon k!

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