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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hokkien Night......

Pai say, i know its kinda late...

Just wanna share some pictures from the Hokkien Night.....

Among all the china troupes, i think gao jia is most friendly among all. In fact, the girls over there are quite "38" and "cute" ~ they come and kpo our costumes and hairpcs for all the 3 days!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Dragon Princess (10 December 2006)

This show i really took very little pics.Linda ~ email ur pics to me leh....

The greenie fish and the blue blue clam

The long awaited moment, hahah (mx knows.....) but i thk i over toned down the hairpc....haha

Birthday Celebration (ml & xj)

Some pics on 8th Dec 2006 ~

It was my birthday and ml de birthday dinner ~ sponsored by mx, wmy, karen, linda and xiao mei ~ Thanks yozzz.....

The Jade Pin (23 December 2006) - 3

Some more pictures....

sweet ah mei... actually she got nice face and nice sheng duan. too bad she a bit lazy lor...

This is AC de personal hat. 2 persons said its is too big... AC said got peakcock feather some more...

Fighting over zhi qing..hahha

The number 1 vain maid in kh ~ i also got to kao Tao to her!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Jade Pin (23 December 2006) - 2

I didnt take many pcitures yday.. i thk linda, ac and jin mei took a lot...

Linda : if u got nice or funny de.. send to me leh i put on my blog :)

chang chang chang ~ introducing the return of Miss Yanni !Make up and hair by Sweet Kaley:) Figure by JM and ZZ..hahha

Yanni's parents: Zhi Qing and Jin Mei. Jin Mei very pretty right?

Zhu Zhi and me - as Top de parents

Look at Zhi Qing ~ so tall! My hubby Zhu Zhilook so small size next to him!Noticed the brown band on my hair? New by Zhu Zhi.. keke

Two mummies with two cute maids. Jun Xiang said the two maids are out to outshine the missy....hahah

Happy family.... a pity ah mei is no where to be seen....

The Jade Pin (23 December 2006) - 1

Phew!! We finally staged our Jade Pin show at the Bukit Timah CC yday!

I think xz was a bit-bit stressed over this show because:

1) The CC- incharge was a super yaya papaya! He kept bragging to us how full-house his teochew shows were and kept "complaining" that he dont expect good turnout for our show, cos the last hokkien show which they arranged some years ago was a terrible failure etc etc...

Mad right?

2) This is our Miss yanni 's 1st lead show after her return. So i think xz was a bit worry that yanni may lost touch. she was also very concern that our lean yanni may not look nice on stage that she even got zhu zhi aunty to make a "hip riser" for her!

So jealous right?? Our leader so sayang yanni lor, hahah

3) The two pairs of parents were new to the roles and leader scare we will mess up the show.. hahah

Anyway, conclusion is

1) we sort of "successfully" staged the show yday with about 400+ turnout. And guess what? ? That hao-lian incharge came and congrats xz after the show.. and said he didnt expect our standard to be quite good etc etc. Mad!

2) XZ's worry for yanni is also excessive... Yani acted the show pretty smoothly. And she looked so much nicer with that extra hip help! Guess what??
Jin mei also brought a "secret weapon" to help boost yanni de ehemm...

HahA...U shd see how linda and me were envying yanni 's new constructed figure!

I asked yanni whether i could take a picure of her weapon for my blog.. she said ok! but in the end, she still ran off...chey :(

oppss...... yanni had a little "issue" ydya...... her audience clapped terribly loud when she 1st appeared on stage, and her relatives/friends gave 3 flowers/gift at end of show which disturbed our "xie mu"! Leader said this is a NO-NO in our troupe... so got to take note lor.

3) Among the 4 old folks, i personally find Jin mei the best. She turned out very well - so pretty with the "da tou" and she sang very well. Movement and acting also good.

This is really "wu lian boh lian gwan hian hian"!! Too bad i am not house wife and had to work many overtimes.. else i could have also gone for practice in the afternoon.. haiz...

The only thing that xz "complained" abt her is 5 scenes changed 5 costumes! And u guess how jin mei replied to xz? she said she is well off mah.....hahah

Some audience said i was lively and energetic.. AC also said i was acceptable. but i cant stand my speech - talked too fast. and i kinda sad, cos my one and only song was a failure.. i sang until no breath.. a bit and flu plus too tensed i thk :(
Bur nevermind, over liao, i shall do but better the next time...heheh....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dinner & Dance (1)

Yday was my company's D&D.

The theme was "Yesterday Once More". And we were encouraged to come dressed in anything that spells nostalgia (time era ;1920s to 1980).

Depts who are keen to win the best dressed individual or tables can also choreograph item for presenting on stage, and win $1000 dollars!

Initially some of us were keen! But in the end, we couldnt make it as we didnt have enough costumes! All our mummies had very small waist last time!

Because of this D&D, we realised that many of our mums actually kept 2-3 of their wedding dresses until now!

My mummy also had 2 dresses from her wedding. But her waist was 21 INCHEs then ~ so i couldnt even zip up!!!

YH mummy also kept two of her wedding dresses! Long dresses some more! My mummy said last time only the richer can afford to make long dresses for wedding ~ so i teased YH - that her family must be very well -off last time!

A pity in the end i didnt get to wear that - as my dept wanted all the girls to wear above knee dresses. Now i dont have picture of Yh mummy and my mummy de dresses. But I shall take pictures to share with u all when i free k!

Here's some pictures from my D&D....

I was supposed to project a "old fashion" gal image ~ so look at my "ah gong " beehive hair and thick fringe :)

The dress that i worn belongs to my colleague's mother in law ~ this the one dress that i can fit in! The boots belongs to my best friend's sister in law.

The girl in rose pink is my best friend. She is wearing her mum's wedding tea dress.
The guy in black leather jacket is my ex-portfolio's boss ~ kekek... i confer him as my idol lor.. cos he is very charming and very nice to us :)

Here's some of my depts gals...... My dept is 43 strength. But not all dressed up la.

ehhh... something with the blogger.. share more pictures in the next entry la......

Jade's practice

Today i finally had my full Jade 's practice!

Was busy with office year end stuff in the past 2 weeks hence wasnt able to make it to the ealier practices.

Asked AC, linda and yani etc to help me see and correct ~ verdict : my walking cant make it ~ walked too much like missy :(

Tell u something "disgusting" lor...

This AC ah.... He demo my role to me, and to my "horror", he looked just like a cute, cranky old woman lor! You should look at the way he walked, move his hip and hand gestures lor!

My god ~ how come he can do it so easily, while i try hard to move, and my hip still cant shake?!

Show is next Sat, but i still not yet fully memorise my script!

Got to add oil in the next few days liao cos i dont want to "lao kuee" on the stage leh.

But a bit sad lor cos leader dont seems to be able to spare time for me... cos besides me, there are a few others who are new to this show. or their roles.

Eg is Jin Mei, Zhi Qing and Zhu Zhi who are doing the parents and in laws with me for the 1st time.

Another is Yani. Though she had acted the lead gal before, she had stopped acting for a few years so need to catch up a bit on the feel. But i think she is catching up very fast. Yani - The only complaint i have is you are too thin! I got to find costumes that can flatter u ! So u better eat more from now k!

But at least Jm, ZZ and Yani got advantage : they can practise in the day time. I need to work cant leh......

Jia You, xj! Jia You!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hokkien Night - 10th to 12th Nov 06

Pai say, i know its kinda late...

Just wanna share some pictures from the Hokkien Night.....

Among all the china troupes, i think gao jia is most friendly among all. In fact, the girls over there are quite "38" and "cute" ~ they come and kpo our costumes and hairpcs for all the 3 days!

Butterfly Lovers - 26 Nov 06

I know mai and AC have already long blogged this.

Aiya, i left my camera at the dressing room mah... so i only got a few pictures to share...

Still, its better than none right?

We celebrated lizhen aunty and de ge ge de birthday in our half done make up and white attire!

wmy, ac and yani doing the exhibition board.. wmy running away fr camera cos she has half removed her consort's make up

The pants that made me short and fat and ugly @@

My new stage partner ~ this is the 1st time linda acts a guy role (excluding those earlier soilder, servants etc) and i must say she did rather well hor...

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