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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rest and Relax at Batam

Went for a 2D1N retreat at Batam with KH friends and some outside aunties 2 weeks ago.

It was quite a relaxing trip - just eat, shop, look see and spa..

I only had a few pics to show as i was sleeping in the coach most of the time

Hee ~ make do with these la!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween ~

My office had a little Halloween party 1-2 weeks ago.

We were told about the contest on Wed evening - most of us were not very keen as 31 Oct is our mth end closing.

However, after seeing the nice decoratives put up by our 2 social angels Christine and Angelia, a few of us decided to help boost the contest by dressing up a bit...

The decos were courtesy from our big boss, Sarjit


Christine and me worn the same shoes!

The dress code was ANYTHING IN BLACK


My silly colleagues said i fit the witch perfectly... ehhhh...

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