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Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Show - 28 Aug 08

Took off yday cos i had an excerpt to act at night:

Performance place: Qian Xi restuarant at Civil Service Club (Farrer ParK)

Event : Zhong Yuan celebration dinner

Time: 830pm

Program :

Butterfly dance (xz + hong)

Romance in the rain (xj + hong)

I felt it had been ages that i took off - haha - may be too tied down with work lately ba _@@_

Reached kh at 2pm - xz and hong were ironing the costumes and practising their butterfly dance in the new costumes.

This butterfly couple costumes were made for our intended Liang Zhu show at Esplande next year. I find them quite nice - esp the female de - cos the pink is sweet and bright.

Hong and xz in the new cst:

Look at my mouth - drew too big again =p

Will try to draw better on 13th sept la...

Oh yeh, i started my make up abt 4pm yday- and finished make up + hair + dinner at 615pm - didnt get scolding this round cos i didnt "mo gu" - haha

Btw, just to mention... Sh asked me which hairpc i used. Well, i used Kh that blue hat.

Xz was surprised when she saw me laid the hairpc on the table. She asked me how come i am using that. Haha.... I replied her "huh? i cant use kh de hairpc meh?".....

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today is a lazy day for me...

Supposed to guai guai stayed in hotel to do some office stuff. But scared hubby bored or upset- so decided to give work a break and went jalan jalan instead!

Can only company him today cos Mon-Fri i am likely to be occupied with work.... (pai say la Chris - next time then we go for proper tour k, at least a cruise or wat lor)

Anyway, went shopping at causeway bay and bought many types of packet mees from sogo and 7-11 ~ haha ~

This is my "work" area... 2 note book cos i belong to my hubb (thank u chris for buying the number pad for me, knowing that i am not used to using the horizontal number key).

Busy HK street on a sunday afterrnoon. - causeway bay

Hahah - bought 2 bags from kate spate

This red life-size tyrannosauruses made of shining fiberglass is the work of a chinese concept artist Sui Jiangguo

Yeah - shopping for tibits and packet noodles - hahah, for late nights.

Biught some masks from SaSa - cos the weather is too humid - my skin so dry!

Bought a comfort shoes - i forgot to bring one when i was here - luggage full of files.Haha, anyway HK has many many nice shoes. i hope i got time to buy a few more!

Oh yes, mookcake! The festive has not arrived but i cant resist buying!

...Oki, going dinner with Sandra now. She just checked in - and we are going to our "fav" da jia le to eat~

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Hi Hi

Its me ~ from HK!

Today is my 5th day in HK lar.

Past 4 days have been verybery bz...

Hmmm... a short recap la:

Day 1 Tues 5 Aug
My flight was 315pm - but i was stil in office at 215pm!
Haha - luckily Sandra asked me to e-check and self print the e-boarding pass else sure late.
Reached HK at 730pm - this is the 1st time i go on bz trip alone - some of my colleagues came earlier and another 1 coming tml.
Told myself last year that shd i go HK again - i want to be able to speak cantonese - ended up, stil cant....

Day2 Wed 6 Aug
Woke up very early - ate buffet breakfast at hotel and happily went to work. On my way there (5 mins walk from hotel) - i was wondering why there was so single soul on the road - not even vehicles - and the winds was so strong that i came moving backwards..

Then when i reached my office building, the security guard gave me a stare and asked me to go home immediately - only then i realised that Hk had declared typhoon number 8 signal on that day and all offices are closed!

Gosh - haha... no wonder....

Anyway, i quickly ran back to my hotel though it was raining heavily. Heard that some places de roof tops and gates etc were blown off by the strong winds - and some vehicles also got turned over. Told my hubb I that i didnt know that typhoon is taken seriously in Hk. He said i mountain tortist didnt read papers.. ehh...

Anyway, though i didnt go office, i spent almost whole day in hotel typing my repts (and watching shows of cos)

Day 3 Thus 7 Aug
My official 1st day of work at HK...
Left office at close to midnight lor - as i had to look at both testings and an annual reportings lor. Lucky hotel is just 5 mins walk away.

Day 4 Fri 8 Aug
So sad - left office close to mid night again. Wanted to go chiong kate spate with my colleagues de cos got 50 % sale - but was stuck with some mthly reports..... On my way home, rec'd a msg fr SH that she just came back fr KTV ! Shit - how i wished i could be around - it was KH opera troupe's 22nd bday lor!
8 aug 08 was also my Finance dept's outing at the Flyers. Free tickets were given to staff and families to take a ride at the Flyers - missed that too!

Day 5 Sat 9 Aug
Today is a good day cos my hubb came to HK today. I went to airport to fetch him at 530pm via airport express train. and i brough him walked around the hotel area just now. I think he is gona to be sad cos tml i had to polish up some numbers in my report. And at night i am going out with sandra to chiong bags... ehh...

My colleagues have bought many items and that left me very jealous lor cos so far i only got a pair of shoes. tml lar - i want to get 2-3 bags, shoes and some clothings... and accessories =) heee

Thats all for now lar !

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

HK trip :5 to 16th Aug 08

I thot i just blogged abt my HK trip and i have to fly tml liao.

Going to bring my luggage to office tml - still got some work pending + need to pack some notes, take some files etc before i can go to the airport.

Feel so rush this round - so many o/s work -
- ingen testing
- follow up on roc
- do 1-2 ul mthly report
- review mid year fund report
- prepare 2006 brunei's comparatives and notes
- brunie fx
- ul cash flow...

So many -(

Lucky shirley, pg, angel, sharon etc helped a lot on ROC. Lucky angel is independent now. Else would be even more stressed.

Promised my HK counterpart that i will work full time on ingen during my 8 working days there.

Yes, must do that.

Honestly I am very tired of being chased by people - stressed and bad reputation - not that i wanted - but there was no backfil of my post when i was asked to cover this. So cant cope lor.

Anyway, next 2 weeks is super-work week for me. And sandra. i think we would be tesitng in morn, and then working on other o/s reports in the night...... i must try to do as much when i am there - cos when i come back from hk... i got to spend time on my sept shows and family.

Guess got to give shopping a miss liao !

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