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Monday, June 30, 2008

Opera (2nd Half 2008)

Just to my dear Khers mates...... These are the latest update for 2nd half 2008........

1) July 12 - Boon Lay CC - 8 xian
gd news ~ clouds would be done by dancers
sad news .. hmmm.... xj, sh and yn envy e 8 xian for being able to sing gzx + wear nice nice!

2) July 13 - TPCC - lu dong bin, dreams, soya
Same casts

3) July 16 - Temple - Birthday celebration
sad news ~ this show not yet even practised! people involved : lpj, jm, ac, ya, xj

4) Jul 17 - Suntec - Mongolian + butterfly lovers dance + Witty Princess
I am going to make up 2 hrs just for 1 min show time - so i am going to doll up like anything and take lots of pics.. heee (compensate)

5) Jul 19 - Suntec - 8 xian
No change to casts.

6) Jul 27 - BTCC - 3 jia fu + bridge
mx as small kid; hong as xu xian, yue ai as greenie

7) Aug 28 - newly clinched - 8 xian

9) Sep 13 - Jurong town - 8 xian (again!)

10) Sep 13 - Marsiling - dance + mid-autumn excerpt
Script, music and casts not out yet

11) Sep 6 +13 - probabaly another 2-3 more 8 xian or mid-autumn excerpt

12) Sep 20 - CP - miles

13) Sep 21 - CP - teochew by nan hua

14) Oct 4 - BTCC - teochew by yu yu

15) Oct 18 - Ulu Pandan - cantonese

16) Oct 25 - Ulu Pandan - cantonese

17) Nov 1 - Marsiling - Rain + provision

18) Nov 8 - Fu Chun - Lu Dong Bin + soya + cupboard

19) Nov 15 - Zheng hua - 3Jia + cupboard

20) Dec 13 - BTCC - Rain + provision

21) Dec 14 - KH - 8 xian
This is for Kh 50th anniversary

22) Dec 20 - Bukit Panjang - Miles
(Show is confirmed.. just pending date)


Looks a lot right?

But no lar, out of the 22, 4 is teochew and cantonese.

And out of the balance 18, 7 is 8 xian - our most popular excerpt for this year hor!

Thats all for now la!

My 1st match-maker role!

Stolen this picture from mx de blog:

Hahah... chiam.. double chin........

Waiting for mx to upload other pics... Hopefully gt 1-2 nicer de ~

But actually this is a 38 role - ugly also never mind right?

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am waiting - waiting for ml to show us last week de pic- taking photos.

Want to see if my match maker zhao xing is ok.

I am thinking of making "da tou" - very vain de match maker ho!

Back to serious....This is really a difficult role for me.

I simply fang bu chu.... and i got no moqi with JM yet.

Got to add oil add oil add oil ~

27th May 08 - The Thief The Teacher

AC has blogged...... Yes, it has been 2 years since we last acted it !

Must kowtao to AC. He only came for practices on wed and thus ( 2 days b4 the show ) and he was able to delivered the show successfully ~

See some pictures la - pics of our newly learnt make up. Most of us didnt draw well - cos it was our 1st official try - So we shall forgive ourselves this round - and aim to draw better the next round k!

Our lead of the day - Mr Su Yi - a kind hearted teacher.

Wmy as the helpful little boy as MX cant act (mx cant act on weekday). Wmy look so "girl" in this china wig (oopss)... But wmy look nicer in this make up as compared to tw de.

Yue Ai as Mrs Su. Her 1st scene de make up was a disaster - too red. We quickly pulled her to correct it when she hit the backstage.

Me as the poor thing women who wanted to drown herself cos her hubby didnt return for 1 year....

Actually I wanted to keep some hair at 2 sides cos my face is very thin - so i need some "cover-up" but they said cannot - cos i am a married women... =(

Funny, my eye lashes look so short and flat - not curly....

My hubby finally came back... and i used the 12 taels from Mr Su yi to buy myself 1 new costume and some nice hairpcs -)

JM actually look nice in the new make up- but i dot have a nice pic of her.... This is the 1st time she complete a full make up on her own !

Overall - this is a well-liked show. And i like my role though i only have very little show appearance. But once again, i didnt do well.

Without fail, i didnt sing properly, didnt act well, and didnt move well. The only "Ok" thing i heard is from mx that my make up looked OK on stage

....haiz.... shall i blame it on my hectic work schedule or the un-talented me?

We acting this show again in end july again.

Xz asked yue ai and me to re pack the costumes - dont wear the same ~ cos audience will see until xian.

Any suggestions? She said its OK to wear more glam - so long as all the cast glam proportionally accordingly to the roles. Let me know lah!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My 1st Match-maker role ~

Today i practiced my match-maker role for the 1st time.

Expected ~ very jia lark.

So jia lark until jm, lpj, ah huay came to tell me how to walk, how to shake backside etc! Shit, even hong walked better than me!

Ehh.. all said that i have acted qing yi for too long so too hua dan ~ said i cannot walk chui steps for this role and cannot have lan hua finger etc etc ...... ehhh why so troublesome ah?!

After seeing me in such bad shape, Huay even joked that she better take back the role, haha.

Lucky this role only appear in 1 scene.. and this show (miles) wld only be staged in sept - so i stil have somne time to catch up.

Xz demo the role to and she really look very funny and 38 ~ hope i can steal some feel from her!

Oh yeah.....

Tml i am going to take zhao xing of this role. .haha - i will post the pics if my make up is not too ugly k!

We have started to learn yue ji make up from hui xuan teacher last week and would be continuing tml. But teacher said my make up cant make it - so i dont know i will look scary tml or not.

mx said she stil prefer me in tw style - me too!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This week....

Today is fri - but i just off from work -(



I worked 5 days of OT this week.... again.

Busy with audit, system testing, new funds launches, review service agreements, update database, regular reports......

Actually I wanted to take a break since apr - but this thing just kept postponing. Really hope i can go for a holiday soon... see amai, bx, bbq etc go holiday i so envy lor! but have a few list of tasks lining up for next week, the week after, next month leh...

Hmmm...... guess got to tong for a while more and see how.. hope my immediate boss's position would be filled soon... hope i can find a gd ctt staff next week... hope the new br accountant quickly pick up the regulars... hope my boss recruite more new headcounts....hope HR revisit and review my pay......hahha

Seems like all the negative stuff? Hm.....one plus! I am going to submit 3 mths of meal allowances next mth - that shd be enough to upgrade my wallet, replace my rusty handphone and color my hair. hee,...

... ooooooo............


Thk i have only been to kh 3 times since the last perf on 12 May 08 - haha - 3 times in 5 weeks ! cos i was busy with work + felt sick for many weeks + happened to have family events on 2 - 3 weekends.

We have a show next Fri - we would be acting 3 jia fu at TPCC - but sucks, my voice has still not recovered - stil hoarse. i think i am stuck with 100 days cough leh - who got secret recipe to offer ah?

These are our coming shows.... free come support la!

27 jun -tpcc - 3 jia fu

13 jul - tpcc - medical hall, dreams excerpt, soya bean

16 jul - temple - birthday celebration
this was the one we acted last year- this year de story is different - got emperor, empress etc...

17 jul - suntec - 8 immortals

19 Jul - suntec - princess excerpt + 2 dances

28 Jul - btcc - 3 jia fu + broken bridge

Come support la !

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Regional CFO Conference (day 3)

It got to be Singapore Flyers!


Regional CFO Conference 2008 (day2)- Night Safari

After a day of serious seminar , we brought them to the Zoo - for a causal tram ride + candle light dinner on the tram....

Christine with golila.....haha.. guess who?

Amy as Jane...

Dinner on the tram


Cute right? The Tram + dinner is about $120 per head oh... Guests would get to keep the soft toy -)

.....kee kee.............

Regional C

Regional CFO Conference 2008 (day 1)

Yep ~ its held in Singapore this year.

This is the 1st time that we are hosting the Regional CFO Conference. As this is quite a major event for my dept - our new FC boss roped in almost all the management staff to help....

The photographer in charge of this event said we helpers seemed to have more fun than the attendees and guests...
Haha ~ i agree.. i think the whole bunch of us are very noisy ~

Some pictures on day 1 lah

Angel and shirley at the airport - receiving the guest. Pg, christine, sandra and sharon were there too but i dont have their pics la. While Lilian and me were at the hotel receiving the guests..

Group pic at the hotel .. The attire is black ~

Posing our bags..again...

Group pic at the cortial reception..

Heng ~ they have us one table! Dinner is $90 per person lor

Pic with bosses and guests..

----------------- ooooooooo --------------------------------------------

AIA Forward - 14 May 08

Finally located the pictures fr angel - thanks angel!

On the stage..... 6 pillars.. skit.. speeches..

On the ground- high spirit...

On the ground.... posing pictures while the skits are still on (shhhhh)

Very vain yea....

My beloved colleagues and idol...

Haha.. posing our bags...

My recent crave for bags all came from my this group of friends lor =p
Act cute again ..

Angel -dot u have other pose ah?

One thing i remembered best fr this event is AIA is going to be employer of the choice in 2011 ~


-----ooooooooooooo ---------------------------

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