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Monday, March 26, 2007

KTV - 24th March 2007

Mai has blogged on this. But i just want to supplement a bit lor.

We went to Xian's Musical Place - a nice cosy place at Demsey Road.

Purpose was to "entertain" xiao cong and yulin who are here for work cum holiday. .. Haha

When we went to TW last year, SHJ and xiao cong were very nice to us. Brought us out and accompanied us drink and sing till dawn.. so its our turn to show our "hospitality" now lor :)

Look at our engrossed Sweet Karen and Han Ju xiao sheng...

Sweet Kaley and her future (LOL)...

This Kaley.. take picture also must wear sun glasses lor..

Sad, didnt even managed to take pic with xc and yl cos my camera was low batt. erhhhh

( Yani, you took some pictures from ur hp right? email me leh.. i wanna post on my blog)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Street Hair pieces - lot 1

Some weeks ago i commented on MK's blog that i have some street hairpieces which i dont dare to use - cos i will surely be black-listed by my leader.

Haha... these are some of them for sharing 1st ... (as requested by ah May).....

May & MK - please comments lor.. haha....

Wil upload more when i got time to take pictures of them.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Recent Purchases .....

I hardly evey buy non-opera sound track.

But lately i bought a few after i was caught by the Hana Kimi fever some weeks ago.

Three are related to Hana Kimi and the other 2 are to top up my K drama collection:)

Hah.. Toyko Juliet by Quan and Ariel

Yes, opera! How can i not support my all time fav Yang li Hua? Actually i already have the VCD and tapes, but i stil want to keep the DVD.

One of my fav K-drama "Song of the Prince"! I lent this to ML recently and am happy to find our that she also find this show nice. Actually i already got the VCD. But still decided to buy the nicely packed DVD to keep :)

Other Opera stuff....

heehe...... So many things to watch and listen ....

Oh ya, i also got some japanese shows.... must be Mad. as if got so much time to watch shows... Sleep also not enough liao...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Arrogant princess + Dance item (18 Mar 07)

Last Sun we had a mini show (The Arrogant Princess + a Dance item) at a Safra Club.

Initially i thot we were going to perform at a old-folks home. But didnt realise that it was quite a nice lunch function for some 600 senior citizens

The Guest of Honor was Mrs Goh Chok Tong and one of our dancers - Hong Dan was so happy - cos she took a picture with the graceful Mrs Goh:)

Our item was scheduled at 1130pm - so Yue ai, AC , me and the dancers were told to reach kh by 830am.

Leader came at 9am and immediately teased me for able to come so early. Actually i was really sleepy like hell - imagine sleeping at 4am after our 3Feng show yday...

Anyway, things were pretty smooth except that AC and Yue Ai had to use hand-held mikes! This is the 3rd time they went through this... and AC seemed very comfortable with the mikes.. haha.

Some pictures to share:-

The performing team...

Happy Dan with Mrs Goh

Vainpot Yap....(haha)

Loving couple...

Supporting crew : leader + top

Picture taking with some old folks...

The Romance of the Zither and Flute

Mai just blogged some stage pictures.

I dont have staged pics... so i shall share some off stage picture k....

The 3 scholars......

1) Too bad this show is very rush... so three of us got no chance take sheng picture 2gether!

2) This is the hair pc that someone said "too grand" for missy. But only 1 person said lar... All others said nice.. hee :) Personally i thk its ok for rich missy lor. For princes, i find color too pale not grand enough. what u all think ? Leave comments tell me k!

Look at this picture.... My sheng stay so far from me lor.. dont know whats the meaning hor!

After the show.... We still look fresh.. hee...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday Mood

Just read mx's blog on her Sunday Mood.

I also want to kpo on my Sunday Mood.

My mood : Lousy :(

Actually I slept pretty late yday - about 3am i think. But i woke up quite early today - before 9am. Sunday morn leh ~ yet i woke up so early........ Mad right?

But i dont know why i kinda no mood to sleep.

May be bcos our performances are just days away but our recent tues and yday de practices were pretty bad ~ so i got a bit worried.

May be next week i got quite a few datelines to meet so i am a bit worried? May be not... cos i dont usually think of work when i step out of office.. But when i am in office, i will think of my family, my friends and my opera (haha)

May be i too fat liao ~ lately really out on so much weight - now jia lark.. no clothes to wear, no mood to dress up :(

May be i think too much about my new heartthrob! Hahaha ~ dont ask me who is it k. But its not Quan or CZX lor.

May be i spent too much money lately liao. My mum kept nagging at me for not saving for raining days. But i got so many things to buy leh...

... Hahaha. As if i really got so many things to "FAN" about.

Anyway, back to practices.

We are going to perform on 10th, 11th and 17th. But quite a number of us seem to be still very unfamilar with our lines, and this is really very worrying leh.

Though i didnt really forget my lines, and i think my acting is still passable. But my singing was real bad. I felt like strangling myself when i heard how weak and how monotone i sang (xz recorded my singing parts for my reference). I am not joking - its damn demoralised esp when the shows are so near. Haiz.. what the.....

You know? i spent some of my morn looking through "Blood" script ~ hoping that our practice tonight could be smoother ~ but alas, today was even WORST than yesterday! Some didnt come. Some forgot lines. .. I think i am going to faint liao if all these doesnt improve on coming Tues and Thus.

Who can save me? Please send me your antidote ~ i desperately need it !


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mid-night Party

Today ml and sweet kaley kept teasing me.

Said i very "lou qi" ...

cos i seem so easily drunk now a days.
cos i used to be "well-known" for good "drinking-capacity"
cos i very "hao lian" - always drink with straw!

Actually sometimes i like to be drunk.

Cos drunk is a very relax and let-go mood.

I can let go my weight and lean on my friends;
I can chat with my eyes half-open;
I can chat and sleep at the same time;
I can laugh in a silly manner.. and no one will scold me cos they will say i am drunk ...

Haha... I actually quite like being drunk ... once in a while :)

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