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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Performance at Old Folks Home - 13 Apr 08

Last Sun afternoon we had a little show at an Old Folks Home at Woodlands.

Show: Da Jin Zhi

Casts: Karen as consort, JM as princess, me as palace maid

Helpers: Wmy and Yn

Source of show : Ah Hiang, an ex - KH member

It was a super quiet afternoon.... JM was the 1st to reach, followed by Karen then me.

No one else was at the kh cos leader went for her exams, and there was no other practices on that day.

So 3 of us + wmy and yn (they came at 245pm) went to the home with ah hiang at 3pm and returned to kh abt 430pm.

The bus driver was so kind. He was supposed to just bring us to the Home. But he fetched us back as well - so we saved on transport.

The show went on pretty smoothly... except that there was only 1 clip mike so Karen had to sing with her DAN DIAN~ poor kaley!

See some pictures lah...
At the Home's garden.. they have got quite a nice garden.....
Thats us- pretending to be the frog

And rabbit...
Haha.. very ugly right? Hong laughed when she saw this - said we ike to pose super-ugly pics!

Poor me -recently kept acting maid - and got to see people de face color-(
Yn - remember to send me your pics when u are free k - so that i can add on to this entry....
I think there are some super ugly pics in your camera, right? Send me those!

My 1st LV bag ~

Yah... I just collected my LV bag last week ~ my 1st LV bag =)

Those who know me would know that i am not a brand conscious person.

But my hubb said want to buy one for me... So ok lor .... care off my friend de friend to help me get from oversea... cheaper =)

Keke.. Nice right?

I like it a lot cos this design is neither too casual or formal - and the size is just right for me.

See, even my zai, mei mei and gao gao like it ~ its their sleeping bag now!

Ehem... Dear hubb - may this be the 1st branded bag to many more to come hor!

If you wish, you can also sponsor hairpieces and costumes lah.... I wont reject kind offers de... you know =p

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