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Sunday, April 29, 2007


The "war" is getting obvious.....

I dont really like the 气氛......

But guess there is nothing much i can do.......

Lucky i am not alone... I got my gang and khakis.

Fish practice.......

I went for Fish practice on Thus.

After the practice, i felt very demoralised.

Really demoralised..... that i wondered if it was a wrong choice to take the Fish show.

Cant recall.... I think leader asked me to chose a lead from YTC, Village girl or Dragon lady. But i told her i want Fish. Cos i like the story. And i wanted to partner with MX.

She said OK. but warned me that its going to be very tough for me cos i do not have dance background. Plus i always fall sick.....

True enough.....

I realised that i do not have the stamina and energy to practise those fighting actions at all.

Leader was supposed to teach me the fighting scene for scene 7. But I felt giddy just by doing a few 小蹦子跳 and the 啦加非 ~ and had to stop a while before continuing with the fight.

This is only scene 7. There are still more actions to be learned for scene 8's 拔鳞.......


Mx consoled me that i shd not let myself stuck with the fighting scenes. Instead I shd focus on the acting and singing.

I agree.

I plan to ask for simpler actions if i still cannot make it by show time. But leader said the basic actions such as coffee stiring etc cannot be avoided. So i still got to practise hard.

I may not be the most hardworking people in KH. But I am definately not lazy when comes to learning roles.

My problem is that i dont have as much time as my peers, and that made me very stressed cos others are progressing very fast but yet i am still stuck with the same actions same scene.

Sometimes i will feel very xian .... especially when i know that there are a small handful of persons who are waiting to see how i die in this show....

Think the 1st thing i need to do is to exercise and build up my stamina so that i wont feel so 喘 and cant sing after doing string of actions.


Singing - 2nd lesson

Yday was our 2nd singing lesson with Zpp.

Zpp was cute - he told us to bear with his "lor-soh ness".. haha

I think most of the students were afraid that he would drown us with lots of theories again. But luckily he went practical after 20 mins of explanation :p

The za chui diao song that we learned yday is by the popular Shao Jiang Hai.

Its about a 思凡 的 fairy.
The song is very nice.
But its not very easy to sing.
Cos Zpp wanted to use this song to teach us "ying zhun", read scores and tempo ~ hence we were requested to sing EXACTLY to the scores ~ no flowers and no variation to the written tempo.
Due to time constraint, only mx, karen, yani and me had the "chance" to sing the song solo yday.
Personally, i find yani sang the best among us lor... what to do, people is 歌仔戏世家 lor (LOL)
MX sang well too... but as usual, she added many of her own 装饰音.... haha
Karen also sang well.. she also got her own style - tw helicopter .. LOL
Expected. . . I sang the worst among four of us. But it was gd learning experience for me. I hope imy singing standard will improve with this added weekly learning :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sheng or Dan

Saw mx's latest msn taggie.....



Actually i feel that mai dearie dont really have to be disturbed by what the leader said lor.

You know.... everyone have the rights to have their own views.

Views are personal to the persons who express them ~ there are actually no right or wrong - just like audience A may like artiste A while audience B may like artiste B.

In my opinion, so long as the views do not turn into force-through decisions (eg she now remove all mx's sheng roles and replace them with all dan roles!), then i think there is no real need to take it to heart too seriously lar.

As to the reasons...
- May be leader preferred mx to be a sheng then?
- May be there were many dans around last time; hence there was no real need for more dan?
- May be leader is retiring and hopes that a strong dan can take over her lead roles with TOP?
- May be leader's views changed after watching the recent bloodshed? Views can changed over time. Just like our expectation of ourselves increased over the years

There are many reasons why people express views. Is there a real need to dwell on it? Esp when some comments may or may not even be valid?

To me, i think comments are good for reference, but dot have to get too disturbed by it....
Unless eg mai dearie actually wanted to learn dan some 10 years ago..... But was forbided to do so.. and hence is feeling upset upset that leader only recognised that now ?
Mai dearie......
Actaully I was pretty surprised when i saw this : "不明白我为什么坚持要学小生"
I always thought u want Xiao Sheng cos u prefer to act Xiao Sheng and find that u suit Xiao Sheng more?

Or dont tell me that u actually prefers to act dan; but you are keeping your Xiao Sheng for some hidden reasons ( eg to threaten TOP) ? LOL....

Actually i think the important thing is go by our hearts. We should see what our hearts really wants, 不是吗?

I suddently recalled that i once teased you and wmy that you all better act Sheng, dont come and 抢"饭碗" with we Hua Dan - cos there are already too many Dans now.

Hee....what was only a joke... If you really prefer to act Hua Dan, we welcome you into our DanDan 38 club :D

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Working from Home

At 1st i thot my colleague and me must be crazy... for getting so excited over the working-from home exercise.

Then we met some other depts' colleagues 2d.....

Miss C :
hee... i have arranged with my friends to msn whole day long.... No such chance when working in office

Mr Y :
Nah.. i wont be staying at home... I will eat my fav 肉碎面 1st before starting work...

Miss J :
Haha.. i plan to go facial after my morn routine and then return home in late afternoon to continue with afternoon's stuff

Miss H:
I am catching afternoon english tea with my friends....

??? ????


So we are normal lah..... Guess everyone is happy to be able to work from Home.

Actually we tested the applications a few times before the note book finally works.

Hope everything is smooth tomorrow :)

By the way, these are the days which i will be working from home.....

26th Apr, 2nd May, 10th May, 11 May....... So can msn me lor if u are online.. Heeeee

Monday, April 23, 2007

Proof - Of - Concept

This thus is my dept's Proof of Concept 's tesitng ~ part of my company's Business Continuity Plan....

My best friend colleague and me were pretty excited .. cos 2 of us will be working from home, no need to go office.

We are testing out one of our essential functions from home - Daily Unit Pricing and Fund Transfer.

For this area, her daily involvment is abt 3.5-4 hrs (out of 7.5 hrs per day) while mine is only abt 2 hrs.

This means that i will have some spare time to sleep, chat and watch TV at home.. Hee...

Anyway, my this colleague has no printer nor scanner at home..So we decided to "play cheat"
a bit....She will come to my house on thus morning and we will perform the tasks side by side.
Safer this way as this function is time sensitive.

The only thing is my house is super messy now so i would have to do some tidying up tml or what......

Plus i need to bring her note book home in advance to install the printer driver, disable the security port etc 1st... Hmm... a bit trouble some cos i am IT sotong.. so i need to ask my hubby for help...

After this, there would be 2 more days of corporate exercise in May... Hope that they will continue to ask us to work from home or test from home.. then i can work in my phjamas !


Wedding Dinner cum KTV (21April 07)

Yeah... i know mx has posted lar... But i got some pictures to share mah......

At the wedding table.. haha, for blog sake, now a days mx and me will bring our camera whenever there are events

Dancer table....

I didnt take any picture of supreme's table as leader seem in tired mood...

Actually i took quite many pics at the wedding dinner. But i am not showing cos the lighting was uneven for some reasons.. in the same photos, some look Ok but some look like ghost.....

At the KIV....

Mx advertising her camera i think....

Playing Dai Di....

Was glad to see Ah bao and YMY there. 2 of them were helping to man the cashier and serve drinks..... Too bad they were pretty busy so i couldnt take pic of them at work.. next time k...

Photo Session (22nd April 2007)

Mai has posted some official pics taken by ML.

Here are some fr my camera..

Yani dan seems to enjoy being kicked by Top? hee

This is one of our newly arrived costumes - meant for LZ's 哭墓 scene, but the costume only came after the show ended. A handful felt that this butterfly embroi dress looks kind of inappropriate for the lady ghost.. what do u think?

Actually yday's photo session was meant for 3 of our upcoming shows: 雨亭记, 千里送京娘 and 皇帝村姑.

But emperor Karen cant make it, so we only took for 雨 and 千里.

Top and YA took a lot for 千里 as they were early. I took very little as i was slow in my make up and hairdo (opps)....

Yani de make up and hair do was by Mx.. I think she look nice in mx de make up... Yani, u "good life" lor... got mx as your personal assistant... haha... unlike me, always got to do all by myself lor :p

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New costumes!!

Leader msg me - said lan lin de costumes arrived liao.. asked if i am going to KH tonight.

Being number 1 KPO - i said ok!

Reached Kh slightly after 8pm. Yani was practising her movements while Yue Ai was trying on all the new costumes.

I wanted to take some pictures of the costumes for my blog. but in the end i didnt - cos i was afraid that i wil be scolded.

Anyway, for my KH kakis s info...... i shall describe the costumes k!

1) Xiao Sheng Costumes

2 pieces only.. I thought there should be 3-4 but only 2

(i) Purple 折子
Centre collar - similar to 姜文举 type
I felt it was rather plain. Leader said its meant for 5D de third SIL so got to be plain.
(ii) Light greenish blue 折子
Same - Centre collar - similar to 姜文举 type
Also very plain. Also meant for 5D de third SIL.

These 2 costumes look long ~ i think its Karen de height. But... now karen not acting 3rd SIL liao lor...

2) Hua Dan costumes

6 pieces. Haha..sounds many pieces...

(i) 1 white color super-long water sleeves dress
Its 2 pieces suit actually : Inner tube dress + a white super-long water sleeves de 外衣. Not bad ~ the faint blue butterfly enbrioi around the collar and shoulder are quite 雅...
Gd for LZ, 潘金莲......btw, what other shows can use full white de dress ah?

Hahah.. i joke to leader that i want wear this for my "Si ban Sao" but she said NO lor

(ii) Also white
But its round neck + normal length water sleeves
I suggested to return this or send back for alteration cos its not worth the $ at all: ugly, miserable embroi and lousy cut ~ just like a normal 练功连身 dress

(iii) Blue
This is really a normal 练功dress. round neck and totally no embroi. And LL charged us $130!
I told leader that she must return this.

(iv) Two-layer Peach color 连身dress with 云肩
Leader said this is for missy but princess can wear also. I dot know to call this nice or so-so. Design wise ok. But color looks a bit dull to me. You all see le then tell me your views la.

(v) Light pink &White 连身dress
This looks something like my pink rose de. But its white and light pink rather than bright pink; and it is normal water sleeves rather than my la-ba sleeves. Color is sweet and nice. But there are 3 funny things abt this costumes.

- It comes with a matching 云肩. But the 云肩 looks ugly to me & i think its best worn without it - For the 包胸 area, LL used 亮片 rather than embroi. I dont fancy亮片. Leader also dont fancy. But we guess LL could have used that to add glam to it - cos its meant for princess
- The cut is too big. Must alter else cant wear.

(vi) The last one is a 大红薄纱外套 with very big embroi on shoulder and sleevs. Meant for brides or princess add on. I think its worth the $ cos the embroi are pretty nice.

3)Lao Dan
1 piece. Normal lao dan costume. green de. Small size de - to cater for smaller built hua dan who double up as lao dan

4) 官袍
2 pieces

(i) 1 red 驸马袍
Haha... this is WMY/ AC de size.
Wmy & AC - leader said she wil make sure u all act many times of 打金枝 to "earn" back the cost - cos this piece is quitey ex lor.. due to the intense embroi! Anyone keen to guess its $??

(ii) 三花官袍
Blue de - Short de... Its for those funny official

5) Others
王朝马汗 4 pieces ...

Thats all lah.. going sleep liao....zzzzzzz

Monday, April 16, 2007

This weekend ......

Dot know this weekend is considered hectic or easy-going......

Let me think hor...

I woke up early on Sat morn...... I really wished i could sleep till noon cos i slept very late on Fri.... But neverthelsss i had to wake up as i have things to handle...

Reached kh abt 3pm. Supposed to come early to help shift clear the ground floor container but i cant make it. All of us had to "hide " in the office cos our hall is now loaned to outsiders for yoga session on every sat pm.

We had our 1st singing class at 5pm. It was quite a fruitful session to me as i like to listen to singing concepts. The "practical" session was "stressed"to most of us as teacher asked each of us to sing a line for him to evaluate our singing strength and weakness. .. haha.

We practised rain in the night. I was surprised that Yani was able to complete the 4 scenes with little hitcups. I expect her to be fast - but didnt know she is THIS fast - pretty impressd lor.

I reached kh abt 1pm. Supreme and thousand miles lead cast were surprised to see me so early.. haha.

Now there is one "happening" thing going on in KH..ie "One leg split" !

No joke!

For the past 2 weeks (ever since the casts were annouced), when ever i went kh, i will see TOP pressing her legs and practising the one leg split.

I think sweet kaley must be shocked to see so many people pressing legs all of a sudden. Actually only 2 persons need to do the split - TOP and me.

But one naughty member also joined in the split fun and 时不时 purporsely 秀 her one leg split to TOP..haha.

Another one who join in the fun is "You-know-who"~ all for the sake of supporting ehemmm..... (cant disclose name in case there are spies around.. hee)

For me, i am still very far from it.. But anyway, i will try lar.. Try until show time if stil cannot - then 偷吃步 lor, i guess.

Some days ago, mx blogged that dans are KS. Oh.. i think Sheng are equally KS lor. Just that we now KS on different items.

Dans de top priority now are packaging and private tution. While Shengs compete in singing and 1-leg split.. Haha

Talking abt packaging.... mx and me tried some make up on Yani de face today. Though the end product was so so.. but the process was funy. ... We did her make up in between pratices and guess wat? i couldnt control my laughter when i saw Yani in her half done make up... sorry lor, Yani - i didnt want to laugh... but i really cant contain - it was really funny....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

work late.....

I cannot believe that i actually worked til 4am yday - i think this is the latest i have ever worked in my entire 7 years in AIA.

Home Office wanted us to plot 2 years movements for all our 35 ILP funds . Not difficult - but teadious. Anyway, i got one of my colleague to help me on this.

She happily started on the work at 10am yday... and at about 9pm, her PC suddenly gave way and closed all the applications that she was using!

We got a shock and quickly asked my system colleague to help retreive the file. And to our horror, the latest file was at 2pm !!!

My colleague did not save her work since 2pm!!!!!

Anyway, HO needed the report for NY reporting yday. So my colleague and i had no choice but to split the work.

I have actually arranged to watch WLH and JF show with Karen. But got to cancel it last minute in view of this.

We finally managed to complete the work at close to 4am.

Very 搞笑 right.. waste time redoing work...

And becos of this, i looked like a 大熊猫 today - super dark circles!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dan Virus

haha.. just read mx de blog on Dan influencezz...

Yeah.. i am the worring sick one ... cos my time is kind of limited :p

Actually 2d my big boss is treating us dinner today .. for successfully completed the annual reports.

I realliiiiiii wishzzzzzz to go - cos its at Fulleton... and has my fav crab and red wine!!!!!

But i dont dare to skip KH.. cos leader has already hinted me explicitly that other dans are working very hard on their new roles. and learning very fast. But yet i still dont come for practice...

Haiz.. u think i dot want to go and practise meh? But if there are urgent work to be completed, i got to put work 1st leh.. unless i dot want to work in my company anymore lor...... haha

But i will try to go when i can la ~ weekend i suppose. But not ALL weekends lor - cos i stil got my family and home to take care de nah...

Oh yes.. its Friday again.... Happy....

Happy also cos today i worn a new blouse and most of my colleagues said nice.. Hee...

Opps... didnt stretch today again... me really a lazy pig .... Hee ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rehearsal Kick off.....

Today is supposed to be my 1st 排练 after KH de 9-days break.

Initially it was supposed to be for 三凤, but the show was replaced by 雨亭记 and 吕洞宾三戏白牡丹 cos leader said its 户外 so dont want to stage full-length opera......... Haiz. Anyway, leader said all 三凤 de slot would be replaced by 雨 and 吕.... So i went.......

Was surprised to see yua ai there. She said she couldnt make it yday for her 千里, so thats why she is grabbing time today .. Wa lieu, so ON siah...

How come now a days people all so ON ah ? Scary leh... Dot be so ON, can?

Actually i think i am too lazy. When Yani said she cant make it for today cos she got food poisoning, i also a bit (a bit only k) feel like skipping class. But i couldnt lor.. cos leader told me yday that i need to buck up on my poor attendance... So i went .....

In the end, there was no 3-teases. Neither did it rain.

After the thousand miles watching ended around 930pm, my top partner started to do some stretching.... 嘿, the journey to golden maiden house must be tiring thats why she needed to exercise a bit :p

Anyway, i also kpo kpo go stretch a bit..... Got to be more ON leh... else this sunday no progress again ......

Oh yes, the red wedding/princess hairpieces came! Expected - nice and refinded cos its from ever-popular wang. Yue Ai was very enthusiatic - she was happily telling me which roles can use this set, and which roles cant. Lucky my 三凤 de last scene is among the "approved" list.... (lol)

Yue ai said the next one to reach is silver-set and she is waiting for that for her 千里.

Oppss... do u think i should apply for a more powerful network and reception for my secretary position? cos i dont even about this leh....

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Summer x Summer

At 1st when summer x summer was 1st launched some mths ago, i was wondering why the director and producer used such a "plain looking", "not-pretty" and a bit "dumb dumb" look de girl for the lead... esp when the male lead is 郑元畅 ..... So i didnt watch....

Just now i watched a few epi, and realised that hey... actually that girl is actually not too bad... She may not be pretty.... but she is quite natural in her acting, and fits the 38-kua zhang-blur role rather well....

But a bit "poor thing" lor. Most of the youtube audience dot really like her. Some commented that they dont like her giggles; some said if only Ariel is the female lead; some said may be its script problem...

Looks like we need certain X-factor to be liked by audience...

Looks like we got to choose script and roles carefully...


Friday, April 06, 2007

Red Wine Party - 5th Apr 07

I have no picture to share ....

But just wanna add on to the Red Wine Party that we had yday lar.

Venue - Same, mx de house
This is the 4th red wine party we had in the last 2 mths.

1) As usual, ML looked sleepy when i reached. But this round, she sat through the whole session. Thought she was sleepy.. but was alerted enough to hit me with pillows when i teased her abt GCM - haha

2) MX didnt want to take pic.. cos she got some sun burns on her face.. wmy said the sub-burn marks made mx looked like as if she was drunk....

3) A big pity is Karen cant join us for the party lor. Just msg her that if she had come, she and ah sheng (mx de brother) could compete in drinking!

4) In the end, our wmy drank the most ~ and can see that she was a bit high, keep smiling to herself.. Wmy seems to have dropped a bit of weight hor? Must take care, we know u r very stressed with your project and new job - jia you k!

5) Long time didnt see SH..Still so lean... So good.. me now quite fat lor. I declared dieting some mths ago but til now stil no action taken - number 1 procastinator ! I thk if i still dont do something abt it... very soon yani would be happily annoucing to people that i am 60 kg lor - right?

This round mx de mummy and brother joined us for the drinking and chatting. She seemed happy to join in... hahha.... She almost crushed zai zai, ya ya and piglet lor. Lucky i went to save them!

Through out, i think i enjoyed the KH babies de swimming lessons most - you shd see the way they swimmed.. super cute lor!

Thk its a nice idea to have such drinking, eating, gossiping session once in a while.. destress and catch up :D

Good Friday

Yes, today is Good Friday... But i am back in office .....

Cos i am on course next week but i have some reports due next week as well.. so i have to come back to work on the reports 1st.

Office is so queit.... only 1 colleague and me. Her mum made some cooling drink.. and she brought my share. Happy lor cos I like home-made soup or drink :)

Plus, i ate too much oily stuff yday ~ stingray, tarts, crackers.... so good to wash my stomach with cooling drinks :p

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