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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Wmy showed me 2 pictures of her recent make-over.

I find that they are quite taken.. So i decided to blog it!!!

Nice right??

(Wmy - u wont scold me la, right... hehe.... :P.......)


Monday, January 22, 2007

New Meaning.....

Hah ~ i learnt quite a few new meaning this weekend!

1) Dont spend your future life
Hoooo.... This line is a REAL enlightenment! I sincerely thank Karen for reminding me on this.

2) The right to do what we like
I learnt this from mai - i agreed with her that we should not deprive ourselves of the things we like. Afterall, we only live once. Life would be really meaningless if we cant do this, cant do that. or even cant do small simple things that we like.

Actually wmy's de msn taggie bears similar meaning as this. The taggie reads that we shd reduce life regrets to the minimum... i like this too.

3) Be honest to yourself and your feeling
Haha.. i learnt this from hana kimi's xiuyi! I like this statement. As we progress in the society, many times we have to conceal our real feelings ( be in anger, or happy, or jealousy) so as to fit into the environment that we are in. As the times go by, some of us will become too "polished" or fake. ....

Meaningful right?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Mood ^^

I was telling mx that i am in pretty good mood today...

Not really sure why my mood was good....

Let me analyse...

1) May be bcos KH de shows have all been KIved to March so i can concentrate on my work 1st. I think initially i was kind of worry, cos i had some impt deadlines in Jan - Feb so i was afraid that i cant juggle btw work and kh during this period. Phew....

2) May be bcos my boss's position would be re-distributed to the 2 current AVPs, so i am less stressed now :)

3) May be xz taught me fish today? Cos i was a bit down when she announced last week that fish would be KIVed.... Now she said just postpone fr March to April/May so as to give me more time to practise..hehe

4)) May be i just cut and colored my hair and people said i look neater and fresher now? Cos i was down with fever, flu, heavy work etc over the past few weeks that i look like ghost....hahah

5) May be i watched some funny shows lately and that sort of perk up my mood? I know mx sure said that Hana Kimi must be one of them...Haha... Yes, but also got some others la... Just bought 2 K-drama and they are pretty nice shows ....Oh ya, the yue nan shows from AC also looks interesting... (lend me watch leh, AC.....)

6) May be i went shopping today and bought a few hana kimi stuff.. xie zhen ji, luv diary, cd, mag and story book! Too much money no where to spend, i think!

7) May be my cough is getting better.....

Anyway, i hope i can maintain more such good moods la.

Cold Cough & Durian

I just went to eat durians with mx and ml!

Hahah.... i have been coughing for 2 weeks and some said my type of cough is "Cold" cough - which could be "cured" by eating durians!!

Not sure if its true la - but i am so tired of coughing.. So just give it a try la!

Hope it works la cos i need back my throat for opera practices :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hahhaha.... I have just finished watching Episode 5 of Hana Kimi !

An "achievement" ok cos i just bought the dvd this evening!

Caught this virus from mai, yp and bx ~ these 3 have been telling me how nice how nice ella and quan are .. and knowing my kpo nature, of cos i got to join in the 38 fun lor :p

Actually YP lent me her downloaded version yday ~ but i didnt really like to watch from laptop.. though i stil watch from 1am to 3am yday....LOL

Anyway, i was too lazy to work overtime today so i called my usual hougang green shop to ask if they have the show. Actually the boss didnt carry this show. But she ask someone to bring a set down for me... hahah...regular customer.

Actually my hubby was on half day PM leave. On his way back, i asked him to help me get from TS Tampines .. and guess what? Sold out!

Anyway... Its quite a nice show... So i am going to continue epi 6 and 7 later......

Mai/bx ~ must tell me if new epi is avaliable in the net / second dvd is out k!

Whoever want watch can take the dvd from me la.....

Monday, January 01, 2007


I'm so sad :(

Tday is suppossed to be a brand new year! Yet 1st thing i did when i woke up is to find doctor!

Actually i had slight cough and flu yday. But dont know why...all of a sudden, the cough became so bad, and my temperature went up to 38.6. I coughed the whole night and to my horror, my voice was totall hoarse now and now my nose is also blocked.

Ehh... what a suay thing to start off a year leh.

To make things more "suay", 2d is supposed to be full day practice for fish. But leader cancelled the PM session.

Of cos many are happy.... including me, cos all of us wish to rest during this holiday season mah... But problem is : leader said 2n go through fish whole show!

Hahah,How to la???

How to when

1) me the lead, not yet even practise any scene? while i may have pretty good memory (per my deaarie mai)... but i am afterall still human mah... u all really think i can memorise the full script without pratice meh? chey.....

Somemore, scene 7 and 8 are actions packed which i cant even do 1 action.....

2) the other new casts eg linda and yanni were only learning the basic qiang yday. So how to be able to "fight" 2d?

Haha...so i thk 2n will just go thru motions lor...

Anyway, this is really a difficult show, which had only staged twice since 1996 ~ cos it requires many casts.

I suddently realised why we are so short handed. Of cos a few of our members have left. and wmy is on leave. But i also realised this.

Last time when xz acted lead, i doubled up 4-5 roles. But yet now when i am acting lead, xz totally didnt act. So thats why we are out by so many cast.

Remind me to alert leader on this k... cos she always said : if we are lack of people, even lead also got to double up as maid and soldier etc lor....

Hheehee... Lucky zn has sort of agreed to act the 2-eye god. this is a headache role.

Ok, going sleep liao.. fever stil not yet subside.

Hopefully 2n can go practice else sure kena "hit".....hheheh

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