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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dance class......

After 2 -3 mths of hectic practices and shows, we finally resumed our basic dance class today.

I think many didnt expect that the dance class wld be resumed so soon- so most of the KHers didnt come today.

KH side only hong, mx and me attended the class.

3 of us were called back to practise bridge 2d. But Leader wasnt in, and i was late - so we ended up stretching, eating and chatting instead.

I think 3 of us are expecting full body aches tml - esp mx - cos she has not been attending class for at least half a year liao. Hong and me ust had our dance performance 2-3 weeks ago. So our conditions shd be better. But still, achings are expected as we are no longer young.

Mx commented that my basic flex has improved since mths ago. But a pity i cant apply the flex onto my dancing.

Well.....no choice i guess... cos i am really not cut to dance.

Opera and opera admin have already taken a lot of my time. So I dont thk i can afford any spare time and space in my heart for dance.

But I dont mind to dance a piece or 2 once in a while... just for fun =)


Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog again...

Yeh - i finally blog again. Ihave not been blogging as i was super busy in the past 2 mths.

For the past 2 mths, i think my life was just WORK, KH, HOME.

Feb and Mar happened to be my office's year end audit peak period.

But its also KH's peak performance period.

So i was like Mon, Wed, Fri OT; Tues, Thus, Sat KH opera. Sunday housework + Kh dance.... Scary right? hahah.......

But nevermind lar... Cos its rest time now... We have completed all our scheduled 9 shows. and the next one is in May.... So can take a break liao... Can continue my jap and korea show.

I am watching Nodame Cantabile now. I like it. The lead quite good looking. And the story line is quite good too.... i think i very mad....always cant resist drama.... can watch until no light no night....


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