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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fish Practice

Today we are supposed to pratcise fish full show.

Expected.... cant complete all the scenes.....

Honestly, I was a bit unhappy.

I usually do my homework before i go for practices - memorise script, recap the movements etc - be it lead roles or supporting roles.

If i dont have enough time for home work, i will try to use the in-between waiting time to recall the lines, songs and movements for the next scene.

But i realised some of us dot have the habit of doing home work.

Quite a few forget lines, forget tai wei and forget songs today. But yet during waiting time, i also dot see them practising....

This made practices so unsmooth.

Honestly, I am not those talented type when it comes to learning roles - so i need to do home work.

But may be some of my KHers are more gifted so they dot see an urgent need to do so.

Or may be some of us feel that supporting roles need not be too serious ba.

I wish i am can be more gifted.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lazy weekend

I think my this weekend is very lazy....

Let me see.....

****** Saturday******

Sat i thk i woke up at close to 1pm.. cos i slept at 5am after watching some k-drama(haha). Then i had my lunch and set off to office to prepare a last-mnute report .. this was emailed to me on Fri evening but need to be submitted on Monday morn (my office always got such last min stuff..)

Finished at 7plus so i took a taxi to kh to practise miles.....

Those who read mai dear's blog would know that i would be acting a bandit in this show..

Head of bandit : mx
Deputy bandit : ac
Small bandits : jm, hm, yn and me

Hahaa.. mx said really "no face" to have us as her bandits... cos four of us are "ne kar peng" lor... But bo bian leh.. leader asked us to act de, not we volunteered one.....

Dot worry lar.... we will try our best. Leader said no need to have super "gong jia" - just act like gangster and walk big big.. can make the small bandits more "chou jue" type... rather than "xiong shen er sha"... so we will try our best k.. heee

***** Sunday******

Hee.. today my major "accomplishment" is that i took bus to kh! Si hui - quickly clap for me!

Reached around 1pm. Was so happy when i saw AC there =) Thot no Kakhi today lor.

We practised the dance item a bit with AC's newly composed music...music not bad.. but i thk need to add more drums and also slow down the "ca chu diao". Xz told us just now that the temple guy is coming to see our dance item soon - but we are have not even completed the 1st draft to the dance - and we dot even know who is dancing that "mua gor" role yet.

AC taught me some bandit gestures... Hahaa.. but i stil look girl la. Got to work harder cos now i got extra 1 min air time ......... bring food to Ms Teo to eat.... haha....

2d de main practice is dance and miles. While Hong and Yue ai practised theirs; Hui Mei and me practised our s4 and s6 fish... Ok lar.. bring back some memory... else next week may have a hard time. Me and yue ai also practised a bit of our portion of village girl.... Heng, can still remember.

Hope our coming various practices would be smooth... Actually its not easy to learn 5-6 scripts concurrrently.....

Applied leave from kh on next friday liao.. hehe.... and from 6th - 15th july. Looking forward to see mk and yh de fake doctor - plus my hk trip =)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

M A C Electric eel

Hee... I was very happy just now - cos i finally managed to find the M A C Blue Electric eel.

This super-nice bright blue eye shadow was 1st used by Karen i think.. Then mx got one for herself too.

All this while, i just tab some from either mx or karen whenever i need to use. Then one day i accidentaly dropped mx's Electric eel on the floor.. Lucky it didnt break.. but it made me realised that i shd get one for myself else it would be very pai say if i really break their things.

So some weeks ago, i decided to get one myself... But to my surprise, the MAC girls at Tangs etc said this color has been phased out - cos the color is too loud for normal wearing.

Then just now when i passed by another MAC outlet at Robinson, i thot may be just go and ask..... To my pleasant surprise, the girl offered to help me check with other outlets if there are anymore stock in their storeroom.. And yes, there were 5 units left !

So i told her i take all 5!

HaHaha.... mad right?

Bo Bian lor.. cos this color is really nice =)

New luggage! Business trip !

Hee.... bought a luggage today:

This is to replace my metal casing luggage which has given way last sept when i went to tw.

Sandra and me took almost 1 hour to select one luaggage each for ourselves..... She got a smaller black samsonitn ; while i got this medium red bag. Both of us happen to like samonitn more.... May be because it looks more sleek =)

There is a 20% store-wide sale at Robinson now. After discount, this medium red bag still cost above $200. Still a bit ex right?

Went to shop for luggage bag cos my colleagues and i are going to HK in 2 weeks times for system training and UAT. Going from 7th - 13th July (7 days).

The training + UAT is only 4 days. But we going there 3 days earlier to shop 1st. My colleagues are crazy about shopping... Hope i would not be influenced by them.. haha.

Actually i still have a green polo luggage bag at home. But my colleague said that is too big for our HK trip... She said people will laugh lor if i bring such a big bag.... Chey.... ok lor, i shall keep the big bag for Oct 's tw trip.

.. Hope my boss would ask me go to our NanShan office next time.

My boss went there last month.. .asked him to bring me along but he said cannot....asked me stay in office clear reports..... Haiz... of cos i prefer to go tw then hk lar... cos if i go tw, i can bring my hair to wash, buy things, meet up with friends etc lor =D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cut Hair

I finally trimmed my messy hair today.

For the past 1 year, i have been cutting my hair at my downstair HDB salon ~ lazy to go too far.

Today i decided to leave office early to trim my hair, do some color and do a scalp treatment at Jean Yip. I have not been to there for > 1 year liao. Used to be a regular at the Pasir Ris White Sand outlet.

I must say that their service is still as good (haha, better than my house HDB Salon)... They really explained to you each of the item they apply to your hair and they handle your hair with care.

But i think their services are getting a bit ex ..... Just hair + scalp treatment alone is $188 unless u take up a package which equate to $107 per time ($1288 / 12 times). Still got cut and color..... easily add up to > $250 per cut lor...

Haha.... sounds so calculative....

May be last time i dont have committment, so i dont feel pinch when i spend money. But now a days cannot liao... I have been talking abt cutting taxi fares for years... but as of now.. i am still 80% taxi.....

Haiz... very xian leh

Who can teach me how to take public transport ah?

(1) from pasir ris to kh .. within 1 hr?
(2) from bedok reserviour / upper bukit timah to pasir ris?

With such tight practising schedules (4 times a week), i think i wil go broke if every trip is by taxi, haha......

At least must save the taxi $ >>>>>>> to buy hairpieces right? Hee......

Monday, June 18, 2007

10 June 2007 Celebration

Everyone called this day a celebration day.....

I link it to....... Nothing in this world is ever certain... So we should treasure all the things we have now ...... agree?

See all these pictures. All from si hui... she actually plan to post these pictures in Oct ~ when her blog is ready ~ haha.....

Before the party commences, ml, wmy and me helping ah huay out at the kitchen..... while the rest of our kakis (yn, mx, bbq, sh, karen ) just laze around in the hall lor. ... wmy mopping floor..

As usual lar.... for any party, we will surely bring our dearest babies! Bobo, yaya, ah zai and piglet.. Oh ya, forgot to annouce, Mr Yaya is now engaged to my piglet lor... So me and si hui are "qing jia" now... hahaha

Me with my newly half-son.... haha

Naughty yaya... "pang sai" on my head...

BBQ and ya...

Sunshine and Ya.... Sunshine seems happy babysitting them :)

Pretty gals!

Naughty girls asked to pull ears...... haha

Our gang! this is mx de lastes new short hair....

Poor wmy - always get bullied by us .. heee

Too bad we didnt take much picture of the games... All of us had a fun time playing this : mulan dian bin.. Very fun lor!

Sunday, June 17, 2007



Some of us had a good laugh over the bandit roles yday and 2d.

In the coming miles shows, hui mei, jm, yn and me would be acting small bandit - our bandit heads are mx and xu wen .. heeee

Initially YN and me were super excited to act the bandits.. cos we plan to dress like pirates - single-eye pirate with scars on faces .....

But just now when i see the show time of the small bandits.. i began to have second thots.. cos the efforts to dress up may not justify that 1 min appearances leh.....

But see how lar.. may be we will stil try..... just for the fun of it.....

Besides, our dear Yn better do as ugly as possible... so as to clear the "air".....

haaaa....... u know what i mean lar.

Hey.... mx and xu wen

Can we dot wear the red scarf ah????

We wear tw half head leh......hahaaaa

KH Practices Time Table 2H 2007

I think many shd have rec'd the time table.

Anyone not shocked by the packed schedules?

When i 1st saw it .. i was like... sure??? everyday practise???

Haha..... Look at this eg....

6/25 mon - soya
6/26 tue - fish
6/27 wed - temple
6/28 thus - fish
6/29 fri - fish
6/30 sat - fish
6/31 sun - fish

This means that i have to go kh 6 times in this quoted week lor...


This doesnt just happen to fish show.. all other shows are also fully scheduled in this manner.. 3-4 times a week at least....

Haha.. I am VVVV sure that i cant make it to all the slots cos i got some "compulsory OT" to do every mth... But i will try to attend at least 75% attendance lar.

Add oil Add Oil!

Dumpling Festival and Practices (17 June 2007)

We were scheduled to rehearse 3 shows today :

- Lee Lian Sheng sell provisions;

- Lv Dong Bin ; and

- Soyabean and dumpling sellers

So coincident... When i reached Kh, i saw bundles of dumplings on the table... Dear JM had made some for us to eat =)

Actually before coming to kh, i already had a very yummy dumpling, but when i saw the "full-of gao lark" dumpling by JM, i still couldnt resist eating.....

Huay and Yue ai knew that i like to eat gao lark... so they digged out all their gao larks and passed to me... so although i only ate 1 dumpling, i think i had 7-8 gao-larks.. heee

My mummy is not very well this year, so we skipped making dumpling this year.

Hopefully i can make some dumpling next year.... I like my own dumpling..haha... cos i always stuffed them with lots of gao larks, salted eggs, garlic, mushrooms, hey bee and lots of wu xiang powder..... very nice lor.. i like !!

Oki... enough of food.. back to practices....

1) Lee Lian Sheng

Today's focus was on ah huay and jm ; and the 4 maids....

Xz changed some tai wei for the 4 maids, and the effect is quite nice... Hong Dan is going to act one of the 4 maids.. She has passed her movements and is now learning the lines and songs...

Karen didnt come.. so i got to stand in for Li Lian Sheng ... heee

2) Lv Dong Bin

Hong had something on . so i didnt get to practise my parts with her. But i managed to do a quick run thru with my new daddy - Zhen ni ! Obviously xz has more confi in Zhen Ni de actions, so added quite many movements hor...

We had some fun time selecting the beard for Zhen Ni...haha

3) Soyabean and dumpling

Mx and Yn would be leading this show in Sept.

The last time Mx did this role was > 10 years ago i think. and YN also last done this show > 7 years ago. But despite that hor.. mx was able to recall most of the tai wei... while our dear Yn on the other hand was quite blur 2d.. (opps)

Haha..no lar no lar ... may be YN is slightly disadvantage cos she wasnt around when wmy and me did the same shows some years ago. But i believe Yn will catch back all the memory very soon lar... cant stand her lor... super-fast learner and sing well also!

I like this show: its very light-hearted.

Share some last time de pictures lar.....

Haha... "china" version...

Xuan's Musical (15 Jun 2007)

Last Fri some of us went to Xuan's muscial to relax - cos its a friday night =)

mx, ml, xiao ma, ai lian, wmy, sh and me.

Ah bao, ymy and karen cannot be counted - cos they are the super-regular cum "share-holders" there (lol).... !

No picture to show.. cos my hp cam is lousy.. and i didnt bring my cam...

Mx said i am the most busy hua dan cos i could only reach at 10 plus... Haha... ab rang a few times saying that 100 people waiting for me.... haha......

Must clarify a bit lar.. its not that i big card or what .. I needed to work some OT.. and got dinner appointment liao.. so can only go after that lor...

Actually wmy and sh more big card loh.. they came later than me ... (opps...they are going to kill me liao...) no lar no lar.. cos wmy was stuck with some office work.

Not sure how u all find the place.. but personally i quite like the place.

- very cosy; and
- price is reasonable too (if dont drink wine..haha)
Fruit punch is very cheap - $15 for 2 drinks. Beer also cheap $25 per jar... and got live band (thou a bit noisy..opps) ....

The live band reminded me of those good old days where xm, ab, yh, wmy and me played some songs together.... Haha..... show 1 picture.....

Take years ago when at the studio - near our show date.

... Back to Xuan's musical.. guess the most important thing is = this place is opened by Zhuang Hui Xuan. And the cashier, mixer, waiters are all our friends ~ so very comfortable lor i guess =)

Heard jm and li zhen going there this Fri... BBQ and YN - did u all say u all going as well?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 June 2007 - Photos

AC is right - i am always one of those people who take long time to blog.....

Haha....lazy mah........

Some photos to share share la....

Playful ones....

Look at these 2 - arent they VVV Cute ??!!

Haha... Serious ones.....

Mr Lu dong bin

And Miss Bai Mudan

A few feedback that my make up sucks and hair ugly cos too flat and too plain ~ i agree lor. I will take note from now k ~ thanks !!

SK 2

I think most girls would have heard of this brand ~ one of the pretty top range skin care.

Just wana share something quite amazing.......

Take a look at this :-

Hahaha .. impressive ma???

That day SH emailed to ask if i am keen to buy - cos her company is having a big promotion on all SK 2 products - from 30% on skin essence to 83 % discount on pearl finishing powder.

Knowing that one of my colleagues uses lots of SK 2 - i forwarded the order form to her... and to my horror, her order adds up to > $2000 dollars!!

Actually there is a limit to each product.. But SH was so kind to ask her colleagues to help squeeze in the order ~ so my friend got all the items she ordered!

Dearest SH even helped delivered the goods to my house on her way home... Very impressed with the excellent service lor !


Anyway, this thing sounds comical to me.... i find it very amazing lor - so i took a picture for record keeping.

Hahah.... i think most of the girls are very willing to spend when when it comes to looking good. And staying healthy and radiant =)


Saturday, June 09, 2007

10th June 2007

Tml is going to be a hetic dat for some of us.

We would be having a big group meeting at 1130am. and after that we will proceed to Taman Jurong CC to prepare our shows for the night.

We would be staging 2 dance items, Lu dong bin and Rain.

I am a bit scare of Lu dong bin. May be becos there werent many practices for this show.
But i will try my best not to panic lar. I will try to talk slower and sing louder tml la.
How i wish i got the big volume like karen, mx and hong leh.... My voice is always so soft and so weak :(

Tml i am going to wear my own cst for bai mudan... Haha... Forgot to try ~ dot know can still fit in or not. The cst was made to fit my size when i was 47 kg.. Haha........... will be very ugly tml if i can't fit into the costume.

Watched my last week de rain. I didnt sing well again. and my movements were very choppy. Leader also said i spoke like machine gun, dot look like qing yi... . haha.... So got to slow down tml and act more stably....

Our next show shd be in Oct...... Not bad, can rest for abt 4 mths. Hope i can make some improvements in these 4 mths :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rain - 2nd June 2007

2d we acted rain at Fajar - this is a Arts kick-off program organised by NWCDC.

Actually the organiser only wanted a 1 hr program. But we gave them our 1.5 hr rain - cos mx is out of town. The initial plan was Lu Dong Bin and Lee Lian Sheng.

Besides us, there were also fire-eaters, clowns and stilt-walkers etc. Overall the event was quite sucessful.. except that it was very very very HOT ~ guess this is the down side of outdoor show.

Share some photos k...

Hee..... Me with the clown and the stilt-walker. They are so friendly :)

Look at this! They are sooo.... cute!

Sweet Karen and sunshine.... Ah lian aunty said karen is gd looking:) i think Yani looks nice 2d too - her mouth is by Karen. i think suits her.

Me and my show mummy....

Karen and sunshine before the show..Our packet rice were attacked by ants... So hungry Karen and Yani went to pack some easy stuff from KH coffiee shop.

Haha.. the same couple after the show... at supermart

How can i missed out the fun right??.....

Our ghostly sweaty oily faces after the show

Hahaa.... Ai Lian is very funny lor. Look at her cutre face!

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