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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

P&G Dinner & Dance - 28 July 2007 (Part 1)

Last Sat Karen, wmy and me went to help SH & her colleagues in their annual D&D.

That was our 1st and very 1st "Freelance Job" together.. haha....

Karen's job was to do make up for 10 faces.... My job was to comb their hair....

Wmy leh?

Haha.. She very poor thing lor - we kept teasing her as our bell-boy for that day... Of cos that was joking lah - her job was actually to make sure that their images fit the roles that they were projecting, wear their costumes etc =)

The preparation work was actually quite intense on SH's part. My office olleagues had just suggested to do opera for my company's this year D&D .... After seeing the amount of work that SH had to do... i am having 2nd thots now .. haha

No joke lor - let me list down for u - in case u are keen to do one also lor

1) Come out with concept
2) Make music
3) Choreo the dance / show item
4) Practise.. practise .. and practise
5) Lend / rent costumes
6) Lend collars, cai yi, cai ku etc
7) Bring / lend lots of wigs, buns, hair accessories and hair pieces
8) Find some one who can make up very fast and very nice
9) Find some one who can help keep here keep there

Scary right? Must really congrats Sh for her well-coordination of the program for her dept! Can see that her colleagues leave it entirly to SH to plan the program and decide on the details.

When we went to SH's house in the late afternoon, her mummy said ma chiam it was SH's big day and we were her invited wedding jie mei... haha....

Let me recall what happened that day (the problem of not blogging earlier - forget liao)

1) I reached SH's house abt 4pm. When i reached, Sh de make up was already done by Karen liao, and the 3 of them were watching Ye Qing's kong ming san qi Zhou Yu and eating bee hoon... They rushed me to gobble down the super delicious Bee Hoon cos i havnt pack my stuff yet. Aiya.. my dept no need to start operation so early mah....

2) We left Sh 's house at abt 430pm - with many big bags and small bags.... As usual - wmy rushed to carry the heaviest bags - and Karen and me were more than happy by her offer... cos we were wearing heels lor while she was wearing track shoes =p

3) We actually targetted to reach SH boss de house at 5pm - but alas - cant get taxi and we only managed to reach at 530pm.

But Heng lor - the particpants have not reached the place yet - cos they were stil at the games competition. So we quickly lay down our equipments and stuff ....
P&G de D&D is very fun lor. Morning to afternoon is field competition ; followed by stage competition at night.

SH de team was real SUPERB - they came in FIRST for the field competition lor - out of 15+ teams ! I think its bcos SH didnt take part lar - i think if SH have taken part - may be she will pull the whole team down. haha....... =p

(eh... continue tml... sleepy liao)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Temple Dance - 27 July 2007

Yeah, we finally did our 10-min dance today.

Though it was only a 10-minute item, but all of us had to take at least half day leave as our schedule was at 530pm.

Actually i have applied for half day, but only managed to reach kh at 3pm as i had to clear one urgent email before i could leave.....

Then expected lor.. last to complete the make up and hairdo and was scolded. To make things worst, JM wrongly took my "chou" and i was scolded again. Said if i have been earlier, then this thing wont happen. Mad or what. people took my thing wrongly and it became my fault?

Funny lor... i think some people are just targetting me lor. When we came back to kh, i was the last one to remove the costume cos my hair was stuck. Expectedly, i kena suan again.

But yet after i have cleaned my face and all ready to go - i noticed that ah ai was still not done with her face and still packing her things. But yet the same set of people didnt say anything. Eh... what the hell...

Other than the above, the actual dance and waiting at the temple was ok lar...

Mx came over at 3pm to help some make up and cst wearing, but she didnt follow us to the temple as her mum didnt allowed that. Yani came to the temple at 6plus close to 7pm. Xz had assigned 1 helper each to 1 fairy so the changing props portion was quite well-handled.

.... Pai say, kpo for so long.. see some pictures lar!

These were taken after we returned from the temple. Yani got some nice candids ones.. she said she will blog it ....

Hee.... I like these pictures. I think most of us are very relaxed after performances.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Training at Hong Kong _ Play !

I think i know why all of us enjoyed the trip so much !

Though "officially" this is a serious training, our main purpose was actually to go there to shop ^^

This trip comprises...

3 working + 1 interview + 2 shopping

Working crew....... PG, me and Sandra

Interview... Joanne is here to interview for the 2 years secondment. Envy her lor - can have such good exposure and extra $$. She is very happy cos she can shop till she drop... Haha... she is very crazy over Jay Chow and shoes =p

Our super-shoppers... Lilian and Christine:-

Lilian is My FC, Mr Tay's secretary; while Christine is secretary to Kenneth, our 2nd liner.

These 2 girls really can shop... You should see their energy level when comes to shopping!

Training at Hong Kong _ Work !

Some photos to share lar...

At work...

Puay Ghee and me.

Plus Sandra. Sandra is our main personnel for SAP.

Me and Malaysia counterparts.

With HO, Indo and Thailand counterparts ...

With NY system personnel

Group pciture - with NY trainer and supports

With HO Accounts counterparts....

Overall, the trip was more enjoyable than i expected =)

Thought the work part would be stressful. But turned out quite ok. We managed to complete all the testing ahead of our schedule and we also had time to clear our emails, serve net etc ^^

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Halo I am Back ^^

Just reached home..... Hee.....

Enjoyed the trip a lot =)

Shall blog abt it when i free ok =D

Sunday, July 08, 2007

zai zai at papa house

Bin Bin, Mei Mei & Zai

Zai zai plays with cars

Friends papa brought home after attending a wedding dinner

Saturday, July 07, 2007

See you in 10 days time!

Halo.. friends.....

Me going to HK tml - 630am morn flight - haha.. cos my colleagues want to go chiong immediately we hit HK

Coming back next Sat, 14 July 07.

Dont think will update my blog....

Dont miz me too much ok !

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

10 days break......

I went to kh again 2d - to practise dance item for 27 July 07.

Heard there would be 4 mikes now. So xz said all of us will get to sing. But i think we still need mx and yani to help OS. cos its actually quite "chuan" singing and dancing at the same time.

I went to kh yday too - yani jio me practise 5d de scene 2. Both of us like scene 2 de movements. But both of us did until very ugly.... Nevermind, we stil have 5 mths before we need to put it to stage =p

My hubby said i am very "hard working" this week - go kh twice on weekday...

Haha... cos i am going to Hk soon mah.... and would only be back at kh on next sunday - which means that i would be off from kh for 10 days lor... wowo......

Monday, July 02, 2007


Mx mentioned in her latest entry that she dot like to go on diet.

Haha... i also dot like.

Actually in my 6 years plus in kh, i was always the "thin and slim" one. But ever since 1 year ago when i started to become closer with my colleagues - i became fat liao. We will call KFC, pizza, BK etc to eat when we work overtime. And we have quite many makan sessions and gatherings.

I think in the past 1 year, i put on abt 6 kgs... haha, scary right?

Some weeks ago we had a KH gathering. Those long-time-no-se aunties all observed that i am fatter now. Most said my face look better now - cos last time my face looked too sucken.

But thats besides the point lar. My hip and tights are so huge now that i no longer look good in jeans. Even my upper body and arms also become so "ba-ba" that i no longer dare to wear singlet or body clinching tops....

Si hui consoled me - said actually my current body shape still looks ok on stage - looks proportionate. But that is stage only lor. I want to look ok off-stage also.

Actually it never strike my mind to go on diet - despite some of my khakis kept calling me "pui soh"..... and tease me for being fat etc .... Honestly, i am not affected by the teases. In fact, i find the teases fun. Cos to me so long as i can still fit into the costumes, it doesnt matter lar.

My philo is I rather be a bit fat but healthy happy. Compared to slim but sick and deprived.

But thats only my own thinking lar. After yday de fish practice... now i dot want to diet also must diet liao ~ cos i need to stand on Zhi Qing and Yue Ai de thighs .... If i dot reduce a few kgs, i think they would be painful.

I just counted. I got 6 mths (up to Dec 07) to reduce weight. I mth 1 kg, i shd be able to reduce 6 kgs for the fish show...

Haha.... calling my khers, add oil for me k!

Fish Practice - Part 2

2d we practised scene 6 and scene 7 of the fish show..

** Scene 6

We managed to confirm the tai wei for this scene 2d - i am quite happy - cos we can finally move on =)

*** Scene 7

Hm...... We only managed to cover some of the the heavenly soldiers parts 2d cos many of us cant fight or hold the sphere properly. But at least there are some progress.

Slight change to the cast though....

Initially yani is one of the heavenly soldiers... Then while practising, xz realised that Yani may not be able to take my weight ~ so yue ai would be the heavenly soldier now and yani would act the god of mersy instead....

Haaaa... there is a plus to be slim and pettie ^^

Hong said the sphere can only take up to 45kg.... Chaim. my initial plan is to reduce my current weight to 48kg. But now i got to reduce another 3 kgs....

Sad lor ... cos i dot like to diet - i like to eat.

But guess i got no choice cos Yue ai and Zhi Qing will "suffer" =(

I got to keepo myself fit from now. Cos very soon i wil have to practise the various actions liao.

Hope i can do those actions =)

Add oil for me!

Temple Dance Item

Today xz finally decided that i shall act the role of "Ma Gu" in the coming temple dance.

Cute MX .. she said she was very happy to hear that. She said cos i will get to dress up nicely and also get to learn the "da diao".

Initially mx and yani were not involved in the temple show... cos its a Fri and they are both in the afternoon class.

But some days ago, temple said that it may only be able to supply 1 clip-on mike for the lead dancer. And hence, leader pull in mx and yani to help sing the songs while we dance.

Can see that both mx and yani are very excited over the OS singing... Yani said da daio is her favoriate song.....

Wowo.... so envy. I hope one day i can say something like that ^^

Anyway, Yn - u shall teach me this song k! Though it is only a few lines, but u must teach me sing until i comfortable lor... i want the tw and yt version de.... hee.. .

Though this is only a 10 min dance, but we practised at least 6- 8 liao.... This is the second time in 6 years that i am involved in dance item. So is ah mei.

Just now mx commented that one look at the video - and we can tell who are dancers and who are not... haha.. true lor .. cos shu xia and ke min really stand very gracefully as compared with ah mei, ah ai and me =p

Looks like we need to practise more.

Next sunday there would be practising the dance item again. But i wont be able to attend. Cos i would be in HK then. But i will catch up when i am back ok - so wait for me!!

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