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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photo Taking - Princesses continue......

Look at them when the consort is not around !

Photo Taking - The naughty princesses!

Usually when it comes to photo-taking, all our gang (mai, ac, wmy, karen, linda and me) will be there for candid poses. But last sunday, only mai and me were there... so in the end, we took pics with top, yani and ah mei instead.

I was pretty surprised that they are full of nonesense also...hahahh...

Look at these 2 princesses

They look so Cooperative when the consort is around. But when he is gone, these was what happened ......

Photo taking - No shadow kick!

I quite like last Sunday de phototaking... Hahah ~ may be bcos everybody were in good mood, including our dearest leader.

Look at these.. (add on to mx de blog):

I think kicking is the IN thing now !

Further add-on to mx de blog ....

Actually wanted blog this pic to ask u all make a guess ~ but mai beated me into blogging lor :P

Opps... me and yani look so gangster!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Double Image

Kekke... those who had visited amai's blog would probably have noticed that ah mei and me were wearing the SAME type of costume and hairpc yday....

This is the show that i will be trying out soon ~ a fishy creature who felt in love with the a poor scholar who always recite by her pond, and hence decided to transform herself into Miss Pheony.....

Leader wanted ah mei and me to pose some "angry" faces at each other... but we just kept playing...

So in the end, she had to come on stage to make sure we get the job done!

Scholar and Pheony

Zhang Zhen is supposed to be a very humble scholar lor.. but look at these:-

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