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Friday, December 19, 2008

KH 50th Anniversary (14 Dec 2008)

KH celebrated its 50th anniversary at Qian Xi Restaurant (Payer Lenar) last Sunday.

We hosted a total of 85 tables and invited Dr Teo Ho Bin as our Guest of Honour.

KH Opera and Dance groups presented a modern opera excerpt : Blessings from the 8 immortals:

Script by : Xiao Shan

Direction : Xiu Zhen

Music : Zi Liang + Mr Yap

Mc : Karen

Lu Dong Bin : Hong
He Xian Gu : Jin Mei
Han Xiang Zi: Mx
Zhang Guo lao : De Cheng
Lan Cai He : SH
Tei Kuai Li : LPJ
Han Zhong Li : ZQ
Cao Guo Jiu : YA

Helpers: yn, huay, me etc...

I guess SH will blog on the 8 xian pictures next week.

Meantime, I shall just show some pics at the dinner tables!

(some of the above pics are from SH - hee.. thanks! )


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