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Monday, January 12, 2009

11 Jan 09: small performance + dance full dress rehearsal

--- part 1------

We had a small show at Boon Lay CC yday - its a chinese new year lunch program for the old folks. Besides us doing an opera excerpt, there were also singing and dance items.

Shu Qing asked for "18 xiang song". Original casts were karen, mx, sh and hm.
But karen, mx and sh have something on - so ended up the roles were played by hong, me, yue ai and hm:

Mx and sh asked me how was it. Haha ~ to me it was messy. Hong said can see my hands trembling. Cant help it - I felt leg-soft wearing the 3 inches xue, and the hall was opened space i cant hear the music very well...

Anyway, over liao...

----- part 2 -----
We reached back kh abt 12noon. But cant go home cos we there is a full dress dance rehearsal for hong, jm and me at 5pm. Why only 3 of us? Cos teacher said we need to rush scene - scare we cant make it...

True enough, we were jamed at the last dance item : Lotus Dance. 3 of us took long time to change into the costumes, so i think we need helpers on the performer day -
1st Feb 2009 - any volunteers?

Here's the program for 1st Feb 2009:

1) Dancers
2) Songs by JM daughter
3) Dancers
4) Butterly lovers - Hong + Xj
5) Dancers
6) Dancers
7) Dance - XZ
8) Fish - Ren Tong, JM, XJ (Ren Tong is fish; jm and me are water plants)
9) Dancers
10) Songs
11) Dancers
12) Lotus Dance : Hong, JM, XJ

Here are some pictures we took yesterday!

Come support la if you are free!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, the lotus dance is very beautiful.


8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha.. u must see who is in the cst team.. its JM and me!

The hair is stil incomplete - will find some hp for the 3 of us to deco up..hee

8:26 PM  
Blogger amai said...

How come the makeup look kind of funny?

A bit wierd...too light?

very pale-looking...

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cos it was day show without any lighting. so we went easy with our make up.xj

12:05 PM  
Blogger amai said...

Perhaps we are more used to heavy makeup. The light makeup not enf to cover flaws.

10:03 AM  
Blogger A.C. said...

Ya lor... it's like when I watched the latest "artistic movie" version of Hong Lou Meng by Shanghai Yueju Opera Company, I thought "Wa!!! How come all looked so terrible!"... haha.. I supposed we can still use thick makeup, but use more pastel colours instead of bright ones la..

2:33 PM  

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