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Wednesday, April 22, 2009




广告价格分为$250、$500、$1000 ,或者以乐捐的方式来支援两地的演出.


(資料: 芗劇團博客)

In order to mark the significance of and to raise funds for our coming joint-performances with Taiwan Yilan group (17 - 19 July 2009), we would be be publishing a commenmorative magazine for this event.

Calling all Arts supporters for generous support in the adverstisement spaces ~

- 1/4 page $250
- 1/2 page $500
- Full page $1000

Donations of any amounts are welcomed too if you do not have any service or product to be advertised.

To show our utmost appreciations, we would be arranging an afternoon show on 18 July 2009 exclusively for the supporters and sponsers.

In this 1.5-2 hour program - you will get to see a taiwanese opera excerpt by the two troupe leaders from Singapore and Taiwan:

演 员 饰 演
鄭英珠 杜少卿
沈秀珍 韓雪娘

Watch out for more details in this space!

Interested please feel free to call or text me at 9830-7286

Thank you for your support once again!


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