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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time vs Acting Opportunities

Just read mx de blog.

She said

(1) she has not much of a 時間
(2) doing sheng, she does not has much opportunities ...
(3) she was told that it is unfair to some troupe members that I play both roles...In a way, I "snatch" their dan opportunities; and
(4) the dans woes are nothing compared to hers

Haha.. Mai dearie -

Your point (3) is a bit outdated liao yozzz. Dont think any of us now think that you are "snatching" our dan opportunities cos

(1) being dan in Kh is indeed stressful!
(2) being a dan needs a lot of $$;
(3) more and more of us began to realise that we need time for work, family and ourselves and hence cant offer too much time

Leader is dan herself so she picks heavily on water sleeves and movements. Honeslty, i am happy that the dowry stresses are shared by two of us!

Haha... i always think that being dan is expensive cos needs to invest in lots of hairpieces and wigs etc. I used to be extremely vain - and spent a lot of time to design my role image and bought lots of hairpieces in order to look good. I am glad that i have became lazy in this area.

Actually just like you, i also lack time. My work and family need lots of my attention. And i am always falling sick. Need time for myself.

If the role is either u OR me, then i wont be able to skip practices when i am tied down with work. And neither could u go temple see show last week- right? And if the role is just u, or just me, then July we will have to act Fri, Sat pm, Sat night and Sun night 4 shows in a row....Ok if job is sin nang. But if cannot take leave then die lor. Sharing is gd if practices became too intense. Or shows became too packed. Or have lots of personal committments.

Talking about acting opportunities..

Yes, i have lots. BUT that was 3-4 years ago, not now lor.

Much of my time now are needed for opera admin and logistics.

But the problem is that people only select what they wish to remember!

In my instance, people only remember the good old days where i have acted lots?

Well, what about now when i acted lots of calefies and maids; and have lots of opera admin and logistics to handle?

My opera admin opportunities are much more than most of the members in the troupe ^^

Name it: pack costumes, arranging practices, arranging casts, dp translation, liasing shows with ccs, organisers,schools, raise funds, do accounts, arrange name cards, collect donations, make up classes, phototaking, arranging tickets and bai kim etc

Our woes are nothing compared to yours?

Haha...this is not a right statement to make!

No mention of woes doesnt mean no woes!

When my daddy was terribly sick, i have no problem finding replacements for my roles. But who offer to help in the logistic tasks? I ended up more busy than before cos many think that since i no need to act, i should have time to do things for them.

May i please ask that you guys refresh your memories with full + complete pictures ah?

Dot just envy or get unhappy at other people de good acting chances lah (esp when those were in the PAST! ). Must also look at other people de duties and responsibilities lor!

A few comments that work well with leader. Well, that is developed through many working opportunities. Who ever yearn for that can volunteer their services ah. Leader will be happy to receive extra hands and legs.

The point i want to make is: Dont just "envy" the end resut, look at the means to the end result.

Anyway, to emphaise again. Leader de top criteria for acting opportunities is TIME.

Those who think they can spare the time are free to approach leader for greater show opportunities. But just make sure you all can; and are willing to keep up to her demanding requirements once you have committed!

Quoted from a good friend:

All of us are adults. Not small kids. And we are living in 21st century, not period drama time. How we want to spend our time is our choices, our decisions. Hence we must be responsible for our own choices, own decisons. Dont just complain about unfairness. If the unfairness is bothering you, then contibute ideas to resolve that! Else, stay unbothered!


Blogger amai said...

U were the one who told me last night that I am being unfair to others because I play both roles...

Is that what you really meant? Or was it just a passing remark?

U complain alot too...But you are very good in handling relationships...You can complain but on the other hand, you appear to be "unaffected" in front of the superior...

Too bad I am not you...I can never learn to be like you.

Clever people survive.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with XJ that being a dan is stressful, you not only have to act missy or maid and sometimes you have to act servant and solder. The rushing scenes are very stressful if you have to change from a dan to servant then to dan again. At this moment, we are still quite satisfied with it as there is a rotation on the less important roles among us. We believe that for those who only keen in acting the main female lead but not helping in acting maids or servants, one day there will not be anyone helping her to act those roles. I hope that none of us in Kh will think that being a maid or servant is a 大材小用 to them. Can you imagine a show without the maids and servants? It is going to be dull and boring so do not ever look down on these roles.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mai ~
Yeah, that's why i said that remark was outdated liao lah -cos that was last time de comment.
Ha - everyone got their own clever and no-so-clever part. I think you are lucky to be working with kids; whereas we meet all sorts of obiang people.xj

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sh - I super agree with u -)

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hihi, just to share my humble thoughts:-

TIME-everyone has a fair share of 24hrs each day but how to even out for their commitment is a personal choice. guess it's all abt.time management

OPPORTUNITES: really depends on how one looks at it? if wanna have every exposure, then maybe get involve taking more minor roles (this action helps a lot to even out team members loads) so what if it is just a tiny role? (you act as FLOWER tonight, i'll be your leaf. Next time, i be FLOWER, then vice-versa) i can't expect all others to wait on me all times, right?
If one wanna be selective abt.roles, then maybe will have fewer opportunites. i wanna be choosy on others, others will also wanna be choosy with me too!

NO one is all-rounder in chinese opera lah! there are bound to be strengths & weaknesses in everyone.
At the end of the day, take it easy! We pick it up becos we love it. It is not the only thing in life. Always tell myself when i look back my life when i old, i dun wan to see only one thing.
This is a NOT a competition. It is a team effort game-Have fun with it; if not might as well dun play at all, right?

3:16 PM  
Blogger amai said...

Your comments really expire fast yozz...

Perhaps we just don't have the same mindset...

Perhaps I just didn't make myself UNDERSTOOD.

Talking about exposure, I have been in the troupe for nth years, much longer...

I have done all kinds of roles and done more "leaves" and that's how I acquire my stage experience.

I see nothing wrong in urging oneself to greater heights. (That doesn't mean just acting MAJOR roles, even secondary roles can surpass major roles if you spend effort in getting the role right.)

About helping each other, come on, Who doesn't help around?

We may be very different in personalities and characters BUT we put down our differences to HELP each other.

Even if that particular person doesn't contribute much does not mean that I should not help him or her.

I was told that having good friends in troupe help alot. They are more willing to help you and share stuff with you.

I believe so.. To certain extent, it does help...

Still team effort is more crucial , isnt it?

In troupe like KH, do you think we are allowed not to help those who are passive members who just turn up suddenly but act big roles???

We will still be helping out, don't we?

I won't be surprised if such situation materialise... I have seen enough cases already.

1:59 PM  

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